October 14th to 18th

Our Week:

This week we focused on the questions “What sounds do you hear at school?”. We explored and talked about different sounds at school. We also read stories that focused on sounds including Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear and Going On A Bear Hunt. Today, we went on a bear hunt on the early years playground. The children walked through different obstacles that were from the story, including tall wavy grass, a deep cold river, and thick oozy mud. In small groups, we continued to focus on identifying the letters of our names.


Looking Ahead:

There is no school next week, October 21st to October 25th. 

We will start our new unit on October 28th. Please read the letter we sent home today about the new unit. Our new unit is a study on buildings. The central idea is of our unit is: The construction and use of buildings can transform a community.

Our focus questions for the first week of our unit are”What do we know about buildings?” and “What do we want to find out?”

The objectives we will be focusing on are:

  • 8a Listens to and understands increasingly complex language: comprehends language:
  • 9a Uses language to express thoughts and needs: an expanding vocabulary
  • 13 Uses classification skills
  • 15c Demonstrates phonological awareness, phonics skills, and word recognition: Notices and discriminates discrete units of sound
  • 16b Identifies letter-sound correspondence
  • 16a Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet: identifies and names letter
  • 20b Uses number concepts and operations: quantifies.
  • 20c Connects numerals with their quantities
  • 22a Compares and measures: measures objects
  • 36 Explores drama through actions and language

The books we will be reading are:

The Three Little Pigs and Changes, Changes 

Have a great break and I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday, October 28th.

Ms. Lisa