September 30th to October 4th

Our Week:

It was another fun week in PreK. Our focus question was “Who Works at Our School”. This week we learned about the people who work in our school. Ms. Fox, Ms. Gloria, and Ms. Karen came to visit our class. We asked them questions about their jobs and what they do at UAS.

During small groups, we focused on literacy and mathematics. In math, we practiced our measuring skills by comparing different lengths as well as making salt dough. The children helped follow the recipe to make the salt dough. We used the salt dough to make gingerbread men to go with our story from this week, The Gingerbread Man. In literacy, we continued to focus on the the letters in our first name by playing a matching game.

Looking Ahead: 

Our focus questions for next week will be “How do we make and keep friends?” and “How can we be part of a group?”.

The objectives we will focus on our:

  • 1a Manages feelings
  • 2 Establishes and sustains positive relationships.
  • 3b participate cooperatively and constructively
  • 4 Demonstrates travelling skills
  • 10a  Engages in Conversations
  • 15 Demonstrates phonological awareness, phonics skills, and word recognition
  • 16a Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet: identifies and names letter
  • 17b Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses: uses print concepts
  • 18a Comprehends and responds to books and other texts: Interacts during reading experiences, book conversations and text reflections
  • 20a Uses number concepts and operations
  • 20B Uses number concepts and operations
  • 34 Explores musical concepts and expression

Our books this coming week are:

  • The Gingerbread Man  
  • Hooray, a Piñata 
  • Too Many Tamales 
  • Crazy Pizza Day

Our songs this coming week are:

  • This Old Man



Our class library day is Monday. Please send your child’s library book to school on Monday so they will be able to check out another book.


Thank you for another fun week and we hope you have a great weekend.


Ms. Lisa