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This week in class I learned about Advertising, and we also watched commercials and listened to radio’s  so we can  judge what there advertising so advertising  basically when you persuade someone to come and buy something and sometimes famous people … Continue reading

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Uoi Portfolio

Our Central idea was The world changes due to Natural Processes and Human Innovation I learned this lesson that mountain’s change but how do they change? some people say that mountains stay the way they are but that’s actually  not true this … Continue reading

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People of Determination

Do you know what happens to the people the have Determination? Will this is what Determination is, Determination is when someone has a problem with his brain or body it’s something that some people have when their born but sometimes … Continue reading

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About my writing

In this semester in writing, I learned how to write a good full story that has a theme a Hook and settings, will let me tell you about my story, my story is about a boy that loves Halloween and has this scary … Continue reading

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About Innovation

1.Do you know what Innovations are?will today I’m going to talk about InnovationYesterday in UOI we were learning all about innovation and how to be innovative, I was very excited to start my innovation project with my partner. 2.First I and … Continue reading

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My Reading Reflaction

Click here for my reflection!

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Trimester 1 Math Reflection

    3 things I have learned in math this trimester are: I learned, ray, line, line segment, a ray is when there is only one side the arrow can go and never continue, the line is when the arrows … Continue reading

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How do I respect others ?

Brigitte Macron covering her head in a mosque in Abu Dhabi as a mark of respect as well as taking off her shoes before entering the mosque she showed respect.

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Guardians of the Galaxy


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