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Our Central idea was The world changes due to Natural Processes and Human Innovation I learned this lesson that mountain’s change but how do they change? some people say that mountains stay the way they are but that’s actually  not true this is what I learned :

  •  I learned that mountains don’t last forever because when ice wedging or root wedging with lets the rocks break and then the rocks fall down that’s what I learned.
  • I also learned about canyons I also did a project with my partner here is a picture of us doing the project.

  • I also Learned about Innovations,Innovations are when some one invented something and you made a design like you added into the invention.                                                        I wanted to share this piece of work with you because it means so much to me and I put so much effort on it.
  • My favorite part of this post was when I talked about Innovations  I hope you guys learned something in this post you guys can also comment what was your favorite part of this post bye .                                 thank you
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