About my writing

In this semester in writing, I learned how to write a good full story that has a theme a Hook and settings, will let me tell you about my story, my story is about a boy that loves Halloween and has this scary creepy teacher every day he wakes up hoping that Halloween would come he keeps waiting and waiting until the day comes that’s what my story is really about, know click down below on the hyperlink to check out the story.

My story is about Halloween.  I wanted to share this story with you guys to show you my work and what I learned in this semester, I learned a lot from this semester  I was very happy to share this story with you guys I hope you enjoyed reading my story about Halloween.

what was your favorite part of the story give me wishes and star and what you would like me to change? writing is something I really like to do it means so much to me that’s why I wrote this story.

thank you for reading my post

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