About Innovation

1.Do you know what Innovations are?will today I’m going to talk about InnovationYesterday in UOI we were learning all about innovation and how to be innovative, I was very excited to start my innovation project with my partner.

2.First I and Sumaya gathered all the stuff we need for the innovation project which was   lollipop sticks, toothpicks, plastic cups, plastic plates, tape, straws what I and Sumaya did is a key holder we cut a carter of the plate and we cut half of the straw two times, we stuck it to the plate we made sure there was space between it then we put a toothpick through the cup and plate .

3. know you guys would like to know what is the problem, the problem is that people always throw there keys every were and know if you have it just put it on the key holder , me and Sumaya felt so happy doing this invention and I think every one else will like it .

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