Project Reflection


Today I am going to talk about my project. So what I did Is search up science experiments to help my project. I found lots of experiments that would be perfect to show my class but I didn’t know which one to pick because they were all so good. some me and my partner decide to do one experiment in a time which we start tomorrow. So we can have time to set up our stuff and get all the things we need to use in the project that we were doing. All projects in the class were so cool as the volcano one or the dominos. And thank you for looking at my reflection.


This is another day of me talking about my project so I Just did my project today. It was about a mini lava lamp which I did right the first time and I got wrong the second time when I presented. But I don’t know why I got it wrong the second time maybe because I put more salt I will just find out and tell you guys thank you I will see you next time.


Today was the final day of my project. So today I just did my experiment with my partners and it was successful because we helped each other. We did a different experiment then yesterday it was even better than the last one and cooler because this one expanded and the other one didn’t so that’s why I thoughts it’s better. The experiment today was with vinegar and baking soda mixed to gather which made the ballon expend. So thank you for seeing my last blog about my project and I will see you next time bye. I hope you liked my last blog for fourth grade.

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Children Rights

This unit I learned about children rights. Children rights are when children, for example, all children have a right to go to school and get an education. Another right a child should have is a family to live with and a family that helps kids and gives them good health that is a right that all children should have.

So I had to do this project about children rights. I had to act like I am one of them. I picked Henry brown box, This is a video of me acting like I am Henry brown and I am telling the story so click this link to watch this video

Click here for project 

Those are the wishes and stars of my project. A star about my project is I wore an outfit that matches my character. Another star of my project is I didn’t talk from a paper. A wish for my project is I wish  I researched more for my character so it can be longer. That was my unit for this month I hope you liked it and thank you.

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All About Energy

Hello Readers,

Today I am going to be talking about me and my group’s energy summit.Me and Kalthoum and Sami wanted to create an electric circuit for our energy summit.So we thought about we need and in the next day, our teacher got us all the things we needed for our project we had wires, batteries, motors, sound effects, light bulbs, and switches.

So we started the next day we built a light bulb in the next day we build a motor then a switch then a  sound effect.But and then we decided in the last two days that people should try to build there own electric circuits like a light bulb or a motor or even a sound effect.

So in the day of the energy summit lots of people came to us and build there own electric circuit they all said it was fun and they enjoyed it and they also told other people to come there in the last me and my group enjoyed sharing with people our project and we loved our group’s idea.



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Unit 4

In this unit we learned decimals. We also had to make a test on decimals and I got a a few mistakes on solving problem so I think I should get a two in solving problems and I should get a three in solving greater then decimals.Because I got it all right .

Will I think in the hole test I should get a three thats what a think my grade is going to be because a few mistakes and I didn’t do the challenging questions but I think I actually did do pretty well on test and I actually learn from the test that I should always practice before doing anything .

In the first decimals are hard to learn but when your in the middle of it it gets easier.Here are some of examples of decimals : 2.4,3.5,4.6 and so on I hope you learned  from this blog and bye.

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I love being creative


I love being creative, one reason I love being creative is that you can make creative things out of anything. Another reason why I love being creative is that creativity helps you succeed in life. The main reason why I love being creative is that you can use anything to be creative.This is why I love being creative.

One reason I love being is that you can make a beautiful thing out of anything.Like cardboard cars, plastic planes and other things.One time when I was bored I found a cardboard box.I ran to the box and opened it. When I opened it I found nothing inside instead I went and I got some colors and started coloring it. When I was done I built a rocket ship and that’s how I was creative.

Another reason I love being creative is that creativity helps you succeed in life.Like when your creating something don’t you have to think before creating something you have to think and being a thinker helps you be smarter because you put lots of ideas in your brain. Just like the time when I wanted to create something I had to think before I created something and how it works and what you need to build it so you have to g through a lot.



The main reason why I love being creative is that you can use anything around you, like old t-shirts, toys you don’t need and baskets you don’t want and other things.Once I found anything around me and I created a plane for a little boy and that’s why I love being creative and I hope you are just as creative or even more.



Now, do you know what creativity is and how to be creative? Because if you know you can go and get started to go ahead and start creating something that you like you for your mom for anyone.Hope you learned a lot from this essay and bye.

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The end of advertisement

Hello readers

Today I’m going talk about advertising when you advertise something like a company will this is what we learned about advertising or advertisement.Some have logos other have slogans or sometimes they have both companies also have commercials or famous people who are advertising their place that persuade other people to come. Sometimes even the bags are so nice and fancy that it also persuades the person to come to that place like the company pink don’t they give you a nice bag that smells good .will when your walking your advertising the place because people look at your bags and they say oh that bag looks really nice I want to go to the place so that’s what  advertising means .

Bye readers and I hope you guys know what advertising means bye.

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Math unit 3

In this unit of math, I learned lots of things like factors, multiples, prime numbers and composite numbers.

My favorite lesson was prime and composite numbers I never heard about it.So this is what I learned about prime and composite numbers they are types of numbers.Prime numbers are one and itself.Composite numbers have more than two factors.

The difficult lesson that I had trouble with was multiplies and factors because I kept mixing them up.But now I know factors and multiplies even though I had a hard time to know them I still enjoyed learning them.

I still tried my best and I loved sharing with you guys what I learned.







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Logos and slogans

Would you like to know about the logo and slogan that me and my partner did for the fun fair will this is what we did we tried to do a nice slogan and logo for two days then we figured out the one we liked it was  FEEL THE FUN.

We didn’t want to keep the paper empty with only the slogan and logo so we put the games there were gaina be and what they’re going to eat whats going to be there like food trucks and the games  and we drew the games and the food and we made it look colorful for kids  then we wrote the location and number.But t wasn’t enough so we stuck the paper that had all the logos and slogans that we tried and that’s how we did our project.


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This week in class I learned about Advertising, and we also watched commercials and listened to radio’s  so we can  judge what there advertising so advertising  basically when you persuade someone to come and buy something and sometimes famous people response stores and they persuade you to come to the store and you say oh Cristiano Ronaldo has does shoes so I would like to go get them.

When we watched commercials my favorite one was the M and Ms here is a picture.

And when we so posted to judge the pictures of people advertising the best one was this one.

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