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Prepositional phrases

I learned about prepositional phrases on IXL [ G1-G4 ], and today I will give you definitions and an example. Definition preposition: a connecting word Definition prepositional phrase: a preposition and the continued sentence Definition object of preposition: the object … Continue reading

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What makes a good blog post?

I hope these following blog tips are useful: What should you do to make a good blog post? To make a good blog post is to include as much important details as possible and do not say anything rude or silly, also you are only … Continue reading

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Innovators and innovations

Today I am going to inform you about innovators and innovations. Definition innovator: a person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products. Definition innovation: turning an idea into a thing that solves problems and has value. I hope when I … Continue reading

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Moral education lesson 5 [ Stereotyping and discrimination ]

Today we learned about discrimination and stereotyping. Definition stereotyping: something many people believe is true but is either  not true or only partially [ sort of ] true. Definition discriminate: treatment [ unfair ] of certain people.

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Float by, Daniel Miyares

It is about a boy called float that has a paper made boat that rips his boat because it always falls in water and then goes home and makes a plane. I think the author didn’t want to have illustrations … Continue reading

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Looking at maps: UAE

I know that maps show you countries and it’s cities from all around the world.

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Isla compared to Abuela

The author made the story happy. The story was mostly happy. I think the author made the story like this to make us happy and not emotional.

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A noun is a person place animal or thing. Example: I saw a fish swimming in the beach. Noun: fish    

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Math “What’s my rule?” Dec 5 2017

Today we learned about factors, prime numbers, square numbers, what’s the rule and factor pair, I think we learned this so we could improve in multiplication.

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National day

On national day I had a jolly good time and I want to share with you what I did: first when we went outside I played on the parkour inside the bouncy castle, then me and my friends played soccer … Continue reading

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