Prepositional phrases

I learned about prepositional phrases on IXL [ G1-G4 ], and today I will give you definitions and an example.

Definition preposition: a connecting word

Definition prepositional phrase: a preposition and the continued sentence

Definition object of preposition: the object after  a preposition

Example: I put the box under the table.

Preposition: under

Object of preposition: table

Prepositional phrase: under the table

I hope you enjoyed the lesson!


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What makes a good blog post?

I hope these following blog tips are useful:

What should you do to make a good blog post? To make a good blog post is to include as much important details as possible and do not say anything rude or silly, also you are only supposed to talk about the thing you are needed to talk about.

I hope you understood about what to do to make a good blog and I also think these are good classroom blog rules!

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Innovators and innovations

Today I am going to inform you about innovators and innovations.

Definition innovator: a person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products.

Definition innovation: turning an idea into a thing that solves problems and has value.

I hope when I grow up I can make an innovation that helps the world with a lot of things.

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Moral education lesson 5 [ Stereotyping and discrimination ]

Today we learned about discrimination and stereotyping.

Definition stereotyping: something many people believe is true but is either  not true or only partially [ sort of ] true.

Definition discriminate: treatment [ unfairof certain people.

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Float by, Daniel Miyares

It is about a boy called float that has a paper made boat that rips his boat because it always falls in water and then goes home and makes a plane.

I think the author didn’t want to have illustrations because he wanted us to understand the pictures without words.

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Looking at maps: UAE

I know that maps show you countries and it’s cities from all around the world.

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Isla compared to Abuela

The author made the story happy.

The story was mostly happy.

I think the author made the story like this to make us happy and not emotional.

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A noun is a person place animal or thing.

Example: I saw a fish swimming in the beach.

Noun: fish



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Math “What’s my rule?” Dec 5 2017

Today we learned about factors, prime numbers, square numbers, what’s the rule and factor pair, I think we learned this so we could improve in multiplication.

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National day

On national day I had a jolly good time and I want to share with you what I did: first when we went outside I played on the parkour inside the bouncy castle, then me and my friends played soccer tennis. After that I got a cinnamon roll and then played a soccer game. We later went back to class and spent the rest of the day there. I hope every day is as good as national day!

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