Moral Education Reflection

Stereotypes are how you judge others based on how they look, work and other things about that person. It is important to keep yourself clean and your clothes so you don’t provide germs to others if your’e sick so you don’t make others sick. Human rights are rights that are for humans. We can help other people and ourselves by protection. If we feel sad, angry, or sick you can cool of. It’s important to know how to help adults and kids so they can learn new things and use them in your life. I can save myself from strangers by running away and never go with a stranger.

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Math Unit 4 Reflection

In Math Unit 4 we learned about decimals. The hard thing is that in decimals there are tenths, hundredths and thousandths and it’s kind of complicated to say and use, and the easy thing is that adding and subtracting with decimals is easy because it’s the same method of adding and subtracting but with decimals. We learnt that there are tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten-thousandths and more, we also learnt how to add and subtract with decimals. A decimal is a point to separate the tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten-thousandths and above. I know how to measure to the nearest cm and mm because if it’s 1.0 cm for example then you move the decimal to make it 10 mm.

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Writing Persuasive Opinion Pieces

Opinion writing is writing about writing about your opinion or what you think which is not always the same as others thoughts. It is different from fact writing because facts are true things unlike opinions. I enjoy writing my opinion about my favorite things to do like sports and travel.

I found it hard because I had to choose one opinion to write about in a full persuasive opinion piece. What I found easy was that I can choose an opinion to write about. I can persuade people by interesting them about what I like. Persuasive writing is different than other opinion writing because you need to persuade people to believe your opinion.

This is a link to one of the persuasive writings I did this year

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Energy Summit Reflection

This week I had an energy project and I did it about Solar Panels. The easy part was that we could research from any source and get any facts, the hard thing was that we had to go through a lot of videos and sources and it was tough doing the visual because we had to use a lot of research time and a lot of effort to finish the visual in just 2 days. I learnt about a lot of new things and that in my life I will experience harder and tougher things in my life. Next time I can take more notes and I think we did this to get more knowledge about energy. We also went to sustainable city and learned a lot where I gave a fact to the other kids and the employee that solar panels last for 25 years. Next time I want to learn about hydroelectric power like Hashem.

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Math Unit 5 Reflection

Our math unit was about multiplication. I think it was easy because from the first time I did it I understood it takes me maximum 2-3 minutes and I always practice. The thing that was tough was we spent a lot of time working. I still need to work on number stories.  

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I did my own advertisement on a tennis player’s 3 shirts and I made them different. Advertisement’s are things that you put around streets, malls, and all around the country over a thing that just released so people know about it. I learnt that making advertisements is important so people know more about new and cool things that release. My dad also makes advertisements in his job! That’s interesting for me to know! In the library we chose what book is better for witch gender boy, girl, or both with the CAS. This is my advertisement below:


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Reflection On Animal Research

We had an animal research project and I did it on Mako Sharks! First I got a book about Mako Sharks from the library, then after reading the book I used Pebblego and World book online and read through other sources. Secondly, while I was researching I wrote and bookmarked the source to make the bibliography at the end and not cheat because it’s somebody else’s source. I had to write a full report and make a powerpoint. I drew and printed of pictures of different things about Mako Sharks.

First we presented to the 3 year olds and we made it simple and easy to read for them because they were too young for tough words, then we presented to the second graders and they could understand a lot at their age so I spoke in proper words and they were focused. Then 2 days later we presented to the seventh graders and we had to speak in big adult words and they were impressed by my work and at the end of that I was proud of myself. The easy part was presenting to the seventh and second graders because they were actually focusing and not fidgeting around unlike the 3 year olds!

I learned that life is going to get harder and harder when I grow up eventually. What I liked was that I got to make a project myself and learn more new things. Next time I could make a model of the ecosystem. The thing that was easy was that we could research from many websites that relates to our topic, and the thing that was hard was that I researched for so long in 2 days.

I think we did this project to learn more details about living things in our world. I think this will impact my life that I should protect our ecosystem and move away if I see a Mako Shark in the ocean!!Mako Shark (1)-2296cj

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Measuring homework

Today I did the fun measuring problem and I got 100% twice in a row and my strategy was to put together what made most sense by guessing my best answer.

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Science Museum

I learned about solar energy and we used legos to make moving cars without batteries because we had the solar panel to move it because of the sun energy, and we did a race with the cars! Then we tried out more new things. At the end before we left for the busses we went to a science show for about 1/2 hour. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ancient Egypt [Grade 7 project]

With the 7th graders we listened their amazing work and we learned a lot of different things, I liked that they put a table of contents and long pages. They increased my knowledge because I never knew so much about Ancient Egypt! There work was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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