End of Year Choices

My ideas are:
1. To predict World Cup matches and watch them with my dad.

2. Plan my trip to Maldives and do stuff that I cannot do e every week like snorkel in the ocean and stay on an island in the middle of the Indian ocean.

3. To do charity work on the poor streets in Lebanon.

My final decision is that I will do all 3 of those options because they are all enjoyable, helpful, and important.

My plan is to spend June 14-July 15  predicting the World Cup and watching it with my dad, and from July to some of August to Plan my trip to Maldives and help poor people on the streets in Lebanon.

I will keep my work / information in my files on my computer and the non-digital on paper that goes somewhere safe at my home.

My final ‘product’ or my aim I am working to achieve is to enjoy my summer holiday!

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Living Museum Reflection

Living Museum

We worked on our living museum for 1 week and presented the project on Wednesday. My project was about a kid now 34 years old soccer player. The living museum was so much fun! I learned about how to be grateful that our childhood is not as bad as theirs while preparing, I realized that me and my other classmates had a lot of similarities and also a lot of differences between our characters. The hard thing was we had to look through a lot of websites and resources to get detailed info. And the easy thing was all we had to do was a notecard and notes in our journal. We learned about children’s rights, responsibilities, and violations of children’s rights because we want to imagine how it feels to be one of those kids. I learned in this unit to feel grateful that we have better rights and a better life than them.

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Malala reflection

We went on brainpop and we watched a video about Malala. Her right was to go school like all the other girls on the planet in peace. Her country had violence. And her brother helped her.

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Life Threatening Journeys [Google Classroom]

I watched the life threatening journey videos on google classroom. In the videos I noticed that they had no money for cars so instead they risked their lives just to go to school on zipliners, rocks on the edge of mountains and other dangerous things. I wonder how scared the kids get when they go on the zipliner. If I were like these people I would be very scared.

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16 children-16 photos [Google Classroom]

After seeing the pictures of kids, it made me feel sad and I felt bad for them. Refugees are people that left their country for war or any disasters. They probably don’t know were they are. They look dirty, sad, and worried for a reason. This teaches me to be grateful and not whine when not needed. My family and I will try to give some money, toys, clothes and food for these poor people.

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Angles [Google Classroom] Khan Academy

I learned about angles. Right angles are 90 degrees, obtuse angles are more than 90 degrees, and acute angles are less than 90 degrees. I learned that there is a tool called a protractor which you can use to find the amount of degrees for the angle. This is what I’ve learned about angles from the Khan Academy videos.

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Book Group Reflection

My book is called Castle in the Attic, it is about this boy called William that lives with his family and this lady called Mrs. Phillips that stayed with William for 10 years and her husband died in World War II. She was heading back to England and William is trying to stop Mrs. Phillips from leaving by hiding the photo of her husband, will she leave or not? I recommend this book for 4th and 5th graders because it’s both for that type of age. I liked that Mrs. Phillips was being nice to William and his family, and I didn’t like that William was hiding Mrs. Phillips picture of his husband.

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Moral Education Reflection

Stereotypes are how you judge others based on how they look, work and other things about that person. It is important to keep yourself clean and your clothes so you don’t provide germs to others if your’e sick so you don’t make others sick. Human rights are rights that are for humans. We can help other people and ourselves by protection. If we feel sad, angry, or sick you can cool of. It’s important to know how to help adults and kids so they can learn new things and use them in your life. I can save myself from strangers by running away and never go with a stranger.

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Math Unit 4 Reflection

In Math Unit 4 we learned about decimals. The hard thing is that in decimals there are tenths, hundredths and thousandths and it’s kind of complicated to say and use, and the easy thing is that adding and subtracting with decimals is easy because it’s the same method of adding and subtracting but with decimals. We learnt that there are tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten-thousandths and more, we also learnt how to add and subtract with decimals. A decimal is a point to separate the tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten-thousandths and above. I know how to measure to the nearest cm and mm because if it’s 1.0 cm for example then you move the decimal to make it 10 mm.

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Writing Persuasive Opinion Pieces

Opinion writing is writing about writing about your opinion or what you think which is not always the same as others thoughts. It is different from fact writing because facts are true things unlike opinions. I enjoy writing my opinion about my favorite things to do like sports and travel.

I found it hard because I had to choose one opinion to write about in a full persuasive opinion piece. What I found easy was that I can choose an opinion to write about. I can persuade people by interesting them about what I like. Persuasive writing is different than other opinion writing because you need to persuade people to believe your opinion.

This is a link to one of the persuasive writings I did this year


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