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Last Assembly

Hi, today I am going to tell you about the last assembly that our class presented. Because it was our and Ms.King’s classes’ last assembly so our teacher thought it would be cool if different class combine together.

Steps was easy. Listen to the song then practice your dance and song. Well of course, it was so nervous when it was time for performance.

I liked this assignment because I loved to dance and sing plus it was about our unit. I think I learned so many thing about organisms and the environment where the organisms live.

I learned that I was risk taker because I think I did a good job when there was so many audience watching us. Plus, I heard my self singing so loudly and clearly which I was supposed to do.the animal song


Last Assessment in Water Unit

Hi, today I am going to tell you about the last assignment in water unit. It was so hard and I think it’s hard for everyone. I wonder if this assignment are all so hard for you.

The steps to complete this assignment are: 1) search about water device. 2) choose your favourite to research about so that you can persuade the unites nations representatives. 2) research about them. 3) think about your three strong reasons why United Nations representatives should buy your favourite water device to people who don’t have access to clean water. 4) make your strong opening and closing. 4) write the best copy!

I didn’t like this assignment because they were really hard and it was hard to convince a people who are so famous. I chose to blog about this boo assignment because I thought it would be good thing to reflect on.

I learned that I am not that inquirer because I didn’t really search about something. I wished we get to work as a partners so my partner can help me search the facts.




A Trip to Wild Wady!

Hi, today I am going to tell you about a field trip to Wild Wadi. Our new unit is all about water, so we went to ask a manager how they get the water to fill them with water. After that, we had a fun on the rides!

1) Ride a bus for about 30 minutes. 2) Listen to the manager of Wild Wadi. 3) Have fun! 4) Eat a lunch. 5) Change my clothes. 6) Go back to school.

The strategy that I used was to be principle and be respectful to everyone. I tried to listen to my leader in my group. I tried to be safe so I don’t get hurt.

I loved this place because it is fun and they had a safe and fun rides. I am really lucky to go to Wild Wadi.

I learned that everyone who works at Wild Wadi , are creative so we could have fun!



20 Minutes Extra Recess!

Hi, today, I am going to tell you about a opinion letter that we wrote to our principal, Mr. Webb. Opinion writing is a writing that you persuade to someone so you could make your life better. Our class chose to write a persuasive letter to Mr. Webb, so we could have 20 minutes extra recess.

Steps: 1) think about a topic that you want to persuade, but you have to have at least 3 strong reasons. 2) write your graphic organiser, our class did box and bullets. Order your reasons like this: second strong reason, not that strong reason, strongest reason. 3) write a letter to someone who you want to persuade. Don’t forget to write the beginning and the ending. This is my draft from the letter:



I like this assignment because it will help in my whole life to make my life easier and this time, we get to have 20 minute extra recess. I chose this assignment to blog because I wanted to tell you that there is a way to make your life easier.


Cultural Block Project

Click the link to see a PDF version of my Culture Block project!3rd Grade Cultural Identity Color Block Yui


International Week!

Hi, today, I will tell you about our school’s international week. International week is a week when you go to another class and learn about the country that you never knew. My teacher told me which group I was in and I was purple. We went to other class on Tuesday. On Thursday, we had to wear your traditional clothing or wear a clothes that have your flag’s colour. This is my dress:


To travel to other country to other, there was few things you had to do: 1) Go to the country where you had to go but don’t be late! 2) Listen to the teacher for instruction. 3) Do what the teacher said. 4) Start cleaning if it was time to go. 5) Go to next class.

The strategy I used to complete this assignment was to be principal and show respect because, Ms.Spring said that she didn’t want any bad reports from another teacher and I didn’t want to make my teacher feel sad.

I liked this assignment because I could learn new things that I never knew about another country. I didn’t really like this assignment because I had to write in my passport.



Cultural Brunch

Hi, today, I am going to tell you about our Gr.3 cultural brunch. Cultural brunch is when you bring some food from your country to school. I think you would love this event because I loved it too.

This is a steps that I took: 1) discuss with your mom what to bring. 2) fill in your sheet. 3) ask your mom to make it. If your mom aloud you, it good to make together with your mom. 4) bring your sheet and your foods to school. 5) eat different foods and enjoy!
Strategy that I used to choose my food was to think what I wanted to try.

I brought Japanese famous food sushi! I was happy when the sushi was gone fast because that means they loved it! My favourite food was my friend Ayana’s Polish cookies! They felt crispy in my mouth and they tasted so sweet. There was sugars in it but not so much.

I learned that it is good to taste new food because I didn’t like to taste new food but from this event, I learned that we have to be risk taker then maybe you might have new favourite food.





UAS Sport Day!

Today, I am going to tell you about our school UAS sport day. Sport day is the day when you have fun and get to know each other. We do sport day with gr.3 – gr.6. There was group red, orange, yellow, black, grey, blue, and green. My group was group black.

Strategy that I used was to concentrate on what I am doing because if I didn’t concentrate, I would fall, and loose the game. If my group loosed the game, it would be my fault , and if it become my fault, I would loose my friend, and if I lost my friends, I have no one to play with!

I liked this assignment because they were so fun and they were so active activity which made my body so active but, I didn’t like it because, my team loose. ( boo ) I chose to blog about it because, they were so fun and it was best event ever from this week!

I learned that I am only kind of good at sport because, I didn’t ran so fast but I tried my best! I also learned that I am risk taker because I tried my best to complete this assignment.



Culture Items

Today, I am going to tell you about our class culture items. Culture mean traditional things, your identitfy. You bring some items which you bought in some countries. You bring some little stuffs and your traditional clothing.


This is the step you have to take: 1) Choose what you want to share to your classmates. 2) Bring them to school. 3) Share it and tell the details about it. History of your thing. 4) Put it on the tree if it is small thing and hang it if it is clothes.
They will help you learn something new by listening to the experts.




Strategy that I used was to be principled and it was important to be principled because we had to listen carefully and respect the presenter who is teaching us.

I like this activity because I can learn while I am having fun. I think it good to learn while you are having fun because without knowing, you have learned something. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher who teaches in fun way not like boring way. I think this idea is good because student will have something learned and they will have fun.

I learned that I am really open minded. I think in that way because I always get excited to hear someone’s presentation.



My Quadorama

Today, I am going to tell you about my group project called quadorama. Quadorama is one of the project to make. We made our quadorama about Japan. Different group made their own with different countries.

There was lot of steps to finish this: 1) Think about what you are going to write about. 2) Discuss who is going to write which part. 3) Write your information. 4) Put your picture on your quadorama. 5) When everyone is finished, stick them on together.
Strategy I used to complete this work was to work as a team. I was expert on Japan so I helped my group so we can finish our project quickly.

I liked this assignment because they were fun and I think it was creative idea. They made me to think a lot like where should I put my picture, even I am expert on it, I had to research a little bit about some small details.

I learned that I am not that good at art and it is fun to work with a group.


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