My Recorder

Today, I am going to tell you about my recorder which I did in music class. Recorder is one of the instrument to play. You play it just like the flute.


To play your recorder, you have to take lot of steps. 1) Learn your rhythm and your note names. 2) Learn how to hold your recorders.
3) Learn how to blow your breathe into the recorder. 4) Choose your music piece. 5) Clap the rhythm you have in your music. 6) Read the note names with your rhythm. 7) Place your finger on the hole. 8) Now, you are ready to play! The strategy that I used to play my music was to remember what my music teacher said and to not to blow my breath so hard.

How to Hold Your Recorder

I liked this assignment because this recorder lesson was my first work with recorder. I chose this work to blog because I wanted everyone to like the recorder.

From this activity, I learned that I liked to play different type of instruments because, I always get excited when I play one of instruments that I never played before.