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How To Use A Protractor

IMG_0029 How to use a protractor continued


Hope you learned at least something, bye!


My Symmetry Homework

Today, I am going to tell you about my homework which is about symmetry. This homework was all about learning symmetry. Symmetry is the line which dives the picture in half. It is like a mirror image. Example:


To complete my homework, I had a steps to do: 1) Connect the dots in alphabetical order. 2) Measure the shape. 3) Try to copy it.
The strategy that I used to complete this work was to imagine that I have my mirror and copy it. I wish I could done too but I didn’t have any mirror to use!

I didn’t really like this assignment because it was so hard to make the symmetrical shapes. I chose this work to blog because I wanted everyone to be proud of me!


I learned that making symmetry shape is really hard for me because it took long time to finish this work. If someone who is good at this, will be so lucky and finish it so fast!



Pumpkin Math!

Today, I’m going to tell you about my pumpkin math project which I did in Halloween. Our math unit for this project was about measurement.

Our teacher Ms.Spring, bought us a giant pumpkins to our class. When she told us we’re going to make a jack-o-lantern, we got crazy. First, we observed how does pumpkin looked like and write it on the journal. I hold my pumpkin and it was heavy as how my little sister weight. Actual weight of my pumpkin was 9 pounds/ 4 kilograms which wasn’t my little sister’s weight but still, it was heavy. Next, we measured distance around my pumpkin. Actual distance was 56 cm/ 22 in. Then, we counted our seeds. I estimated that there will be 20 seeds in pumpkin because seeds are really small and pumpkin are big but there were actually 483 seeds inside my pumpkin. Me and my group sorted our pumpkin seeds. This is our blue print.


I like this assignment because Ms.Spring made our lesson fun not boring stuffs. It was fun when we sorted our seeds and guts because while I was sorting, I’ve noticed I was communicator. I chose this work to blog because I thought everyone likes Halloween.


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