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How To Use A Protractor

IMG_0029 How to use a protractor continued


Hope you learned at least something, bye!


Student Self-Reflection

Hi, today, I will tell you about my self reflection I made. Here’s a paragraph about it.

In 4th grade this year, the habits I do well are; asks questions, turned in work on time, communicates with teachers and parents, and participates in classes. The habits I do sometimes are; self-advocates, uses planners, follows directions, does careful work, uses class time productively, and exhibits self control. The habits I need to improve are; work well in groups, work well independently, study, and problem solving. I feel appreciating towards the school because everyone here is so kind and all the subjects are fun and interesting. Things that really help my life at school are all the staff and teachers helping me out when I need some help. Things that hindireing my school life are my homework because when my friends invite me to play with them after school and I haven’t finished my homework, I always choose playing and then, I have to do the homeworks I left, on weekends.


Mary’s Adventure in Fairy Land!

Hello, today, I am going to tell you about my fantasy story I wrote for my writing assignment. Now, I will tell you my story’s summary.

The story is called “Mary’s Adventure in Fairy Land”, and it it is about an ordinary girl called Mary, opening the trigger (An entrance to fantasy world) window, and landing on a fantasy world, Fairy Land! She meets the guide Crayony, and go off to the adventure to stop the villain the Witch, from erasing all the colors from all the world! They go around the land through the stone guard, who throws the magic stones to you, which would make anyone become a stone, and bunnpire, an animal combined with vampire and bunny. Here’s a small part of my story I wrote:

Once there was a girl named Mary. She was an ordinary 10 years old girl. Mary had sweet brown hair, big bright brown eyes, and a snowy skin. She loved cute things like stuffed animals, but mostly, she just LOVED drawing. Every time Mary was bored, she drew. Almost every day, she wore an apron which matched her sweet pink dress. One morning, her mom shouted “Wake up!” just like every morning. Mary woke up smelling her mom’s delicious breakfast. It was sweet waffles and a crumbled egg. Mary opened the window in her bedroom. The bedroom was giant with lot of books, papers, and lots of art supplies. As she opened her window, BOOM! Mary was in another world she never knew.

If you want to continue reading the rest of this story, please come to me, Yui in 4Sh, to get a copy of my story if I can. Thank you for reading my blog!

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