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Halloween Party!

Hi, today, I’m going to tell you about my class’s Halloween party! Our school celebrate Halloween so we had to wear a costume. This year, I became a devil! It was so fun watching everyone’s costume because they were SUPER creative! We had so much party at the end of the day. We got full because of junk, but it was so FUN!!!! Our class did so many activities with my friend Amina’s class, Ms. Ryan’s class. We did so many games together like ‘musical chair’, ‘mummies’, where we roll a toilet paper to a person so that they become mummies. Anyway, we had an amazing Halloween that might become a HISTORICAL Halloween party ever! We had lot of junks like chips, candies,cakes, but my favorite was brownies! It was so sweet that my cheek was about to fall off my face and ran away! I thought it was the best Halloween party in the world!



International Week!

Hi, today, I will tell you about our school’s international week. International week is a week when you go to another class and learn about the country that you never knew. My teacher told me which group I was in and I was purple. We went to other class on Tuesday. On Thursday, we had to wear your traditional clothing or wear a clothes that have your flag’s colour. This is my dress:


To travel to other country to other, there was few things you had to do: 1) Go to the country where you had to go but don’t be late! 2) Listen to the teacher for instruction. 3) Do what the teacher said. 4) Start cleaning if it was time to go. 5) Go to next class.

The strategy I used to complete this assignment was to be principal and show respect because, Ms.Spring said that she didn’t want any bad reports from another teacher and I didn’t want to make my teacher feel sad.

I liked this assignment because I could learn new things that I never knew about another country. I didn’t really like this assignment because I had to write in my passport.



UAS Sport Day!

Today, I am going to tell you about our school UAS sport day. Sport day is the day when you have fun and get to know each other. We do sport day with gr.3 – gr.6. There was group red, orange, yellow, black, grey, blue, and green. My group was group black.

Strategy that I used was to concentrate on what I am doing because if I didn’t concentrate, I would fall, and loose the game. If my group loosed the game, it would be my fault , and if it become my fault, I would loose my friend, and if I lost my friends, I have no one to play with!

I liked this assignment because they were so fun and they were so active activity which made my body so active but, I didn’t like it because, my team loose. ( boo ) I chose to blog about it because, they were so fun and it was best event ever from this week!

I learned that I am only kind of good at sport because, I didn’t ran so fast but I tried my best! I also learned that I am risk taker because I tried my best to complete this assignment.



My Dream Job

Today, I am going to tell you about my dream job. Dream job means what do you want to be when you grow up.

I want to be a teacher when I grow up because, I like teaching to someone and I love to do my work. Sometimes, I play teacher game with my sister. You have to imagine to be a teacher. Today, in my school, we have spirit day. Spirit day is a day when you can wear a costume about your dream job. This is my costume:


I love this activity because I get to wear my dream job costume. I like it because I can know who want to be what. I always get excited to wear my costume and to see somebody else’s costume. This is my friend’s costume:


From this activity, I learned that everyone want to be at least one thing when they grow up.

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