King & Queen

Today, I am going to tell you about my art work which had to show depth. Depth is one of art work which shows what far away and what is close to you.

This is my art work procedure ( how to draw depth).
1) Think about what you will draw. 2) Draw something big so you can show the foreground. 3) Draw something small so you can show background. 4) Draw something going on top of each other so you can show overlapping. 5) Colour your picture. 6) Make your tittle for your picture. 7) Publish it!!

This is what some of the word means:
Background – You draw them small on top of the page so it will look like it far away from the viewer.
Foreground – You draw them big on bottom of the page so it will look like it close to the viewer.
Overlapping – You draw them going on top of the drawing so it will look like something is behind.

This is one of my drawings that I made.


PS: You have to enjoy!