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Student Self-Reflection

Hi, today, I will tell you about my self reflection I made. Here’s a paragraph about it.

In 4th grade this year, the habits I do well are; asks questions, turned in work on time, communicates with teachers and parents, and participates in classes. The habits I do sometimes are; self-advocates, uses planners, follows directions, does careful work, uses class time productively, and exhibits self control. The habits I need to improve are; work well in groups, work well independently, study, and problem solving. I feel appreciating towards the school because everyone here is so kind and all the subjects are fun and interesting. Things that really help my life at school are all the staff and teachers helping me out when I need some help. Things that hindireing my school life are my homework because when my friends invite me to play with them after school and I haven’t finished my homework, I always choose playing and then, I have to do the homeworks I left, on weekends.

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