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Learning in 4SH!


1st Field Trip In Gr.4!

Hi, today, I am going to tell you about my 1st field trip in Gr.4, Crossroads of Civilization Museum. There was so many artifacts that I never saw in my life until now, and they were very old and amazing! Here’s the picture: My favorite artifact was dagger ( sword ) for Crimean War in 1854. The dagger had beautiful design every where which makes you keep staring at it non stop. It was created by Simpson William in Greece. The purpose of this artifacts was to fight for the war because there wasn’t any gun powder invented. The manager Mr. Ahmad, told us that this museum was made out of clay and was the biggest museum in Dubai. It really was so big. We ate yummy sandwich and yummy chocolate cake! After we had a little recess and running around, we went for a little walk to see around the creek and the souk. There was so many pigeons flying around us trying to welcome us. We had so much fun that I was too tired to talk to my friends in the bus. We had a great first field trip to start!



Halloween Party!

Hi, today, I’m going to tell you about my class’s Halloween party! Our school celebrate Halloween so we had to wear a costume. This year, I became a devil! It was so fun watching everyone’s costume because they were SUPER creative! We had so much party at the end of the day. We got full because of junk, but it was so FUN!!!! Our class did so many activities with my friend Amina’s class, Ms. Ryan’s class. We did so many games together like ‘musical chair’, ‘mummies’, where we roll a toilet paper to a person so that they become mummies. Anyway, we had an amazing Halloween that might become a HISTORICAL Halloween party ever! We had lot of junks like chips, candies,cakes, but my favorite was brownies! It was so sweet that my cheek was about to fall off my face and ran away! I thought it was the best Halloween party in the world!



Reading Workshop

Hi, today, I am going to tell you about my class’s reading workshop. My favourite book I have reading constantly is called ‘Emily Windsnap’ series. This book is by Liz Kessler, the amazing author. This is a picture of ‘The Tail of Emily Windsnap’ ,the first series of Emily Windsnap.

Now, I’d like to teach you how to do our special class reading strategy, s.w.b.b.s. S.w.b.b.s. stands for someone, wanted, because, but, so. This strategy helps us to remember he details about the books and also help us with our book review, if we expand them into big paragraphs. Here is and examples of my s.w.b.b.s.:



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