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Last Assembly

Hi, today I am going to tell you about the last assembly that our class presented. Because it was our and Ms.King’s classes’ last assembly so our teacher thought it would be cool if different class combine together.

Steps was easy. Listen to the song then practice your dance and song. Well of course, it was so nervous when it was time for performance.

I liked this assignment because I loved to dance and sing plus it was about our unit. I think I learned so many thing about organisms and the environment where the organisms live.

I learned that I was risk taker because I think I did a good job when there was so many audience watching us. Plus, I heard my self singing so loudly and clearly which I was supposed to do.the animal song


Last Assessment in Water Unit

Hi, today I am going to tell you about the last assignment in water unit. It was so hard and I think it’s hard for everyone. I wonder if this assignment are all so hard for you.

The steps to complete this assignment are: 1) search about water device. 2) choose your favourite to research about so that you can persuade the unites nations representatives. 2) research about them. 3) think about your three strong reasons why United Nations representatives should buy your favourite water device to people who don’t have access to clean water. 4) make your strong opening and closing. 4) write the best copy!

I didn’t like this assignment because they were really hard and it was hard to convince a people who are so famous. I chose to blog about this boo assignment because I thought it would be good thing to reflect on.

I learned that I am not that inquirer because I didn’t really search about something. I wished we get to work as a partners so my partner can help me search the facts.



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