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Cultural Block Project

Click the link to see a PDF version of my Culture Block project!3rd Grade Cultural Identity Color Block Yui


International Week!

Hi, today, I will tell you about our school’s international week. International week is a week when you go to another class and learn about the country that you never knew. My teacher told me which group I was in and I was purple. We went to other class on Tuesday. On Thursday, we had to wear your traditional clothing or wear a clothes that have your flag’s colour. This is my dress:


To travel to other country to other, there was few things you had to do: 1) Go to the country where you had to go but don’t be late! 2) Listen to the teacher for instruction. 3) Do what the teacher said. 4) Start cleaning if it was time to go. 5) Go to next class.

The strategy I used to complete this assignment was to be principal and show respect because, Ms.Spring said that she didn’t want any bad reports from another teacher and I didn’t want to make my teacher feel sad.

I liked this assignment because I could learn new things that I never knew about another country. I didn’t really like this assignment because I had to write in my passport.


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