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My Dream Job

Today, I am going to tell you about my dream job. Dream job means what do you want to be when you grow up.

I want to be a teacher when I grow up because, I like teaching to someone and I love to do my work. Sometimes, I play teacher game with my sister. You have to imagine to be a teacher. Today, in my school, we have spirit day. Spirit day is a day when you can wear a costume about your dream job. This is my costume:


I love this activity because I get to wear my dream job costume. I like it because I can know who want to be what. I always get excited to wear my costume and to see somebody else’s costume. This is my friend’s costume:


From this activity, I learned that everyone want to be at least one thing when they grow up.


King & Queen

Today, I am going to tell you about my art work which had to show depth. Depth is one of art work which shows what far away and what is close to you.

This is my art work procedure ( how to draw depth).
1) Think about what you will draw. 2) Draw something big so you can show the foreground. 3) Draw something small so you can show background. 4) Draw something going on top of each other so you can show overlapping. 5) Colour your picture. 6) Make your tittle for your picture. 7) Publish it!!

This is what some of the word means:
Background – You draw them small on top of the page so it will look like it far away from the viewer.
Foreground – You draw them big on bottom of the page so it will look like it close to the viewer.
Overlapping – You draw them going on top of the drawing so it will look like something is behind.

This is one of my drawings that I made.


PS: You have to enjoy!


My First Tellagami

Today, I am going to tell you about my first Tellagami. Tellagami is the app for making a video. This is my video that I made.


My Recorder

Today, I am going to tell you about my recorder which I did in music class. Recorder is one of the instrument to play. You play it just like the flute.


To play your recorder, you have to take lot of steps. 1) Learn your rhythm and your note names. 2) Learn how to hold your recorders.
3) Learn how to blow your breathe into the recorder. 4) Choose your music piece. 5) Clap the rhythm you have in your music. 6) Read the note names with your rhythm. 7) Place your finger on the hole. 8) Now, you are ready to play! The strategy that I used to play my music was to remember what my music teacher said and to not to blow my breath so hard.

How to Hold Your Recorder

I liked this assignment because this recorder lesson was my first work with recorder. I chose this work to blog because I wanted everyone to like the recorder.

From this activity, I learned that I liked to play different type of instruments because, I always get excited when I play one of instruments that I never played before.


My Science Fair

Today I am going to tell you about my science experiment. This work was my final project for this unit.

First, I had to came up with testable question. Question had to be testable, had to have variables, and I had to be interested on it. My question that I chose was ” How do different type of acids effect coins?”. This question wasn’t my first question. I had to think so much at my house. First, I thought my question can be ” What will happen if I put different type of coins into acids?” but it didn’t work because I’ve realised that coins are made out of metal so I thought I can’t measure my observation. I took the idea from counting my coins. I found out that my coins was so dirty. Then, I’ve realised I had a science homework so I thought I could do a science experiment with it. Then, I can clean my coin, and do my homework!

To set up my experiment, I had to plan to drop the coins in the same time so it will be fair. Everything had to be fair because, if it wasn’t fair, maybe my conclusion will be wrong and I want everything to be correct. I had to think about how much ml will I need and how can I make my science experiment to be fair experiment. I had to make my prediction which has reason why I predicted that way, I had to think what I need (materials) and how I’m going to test it (procedure)

1) Take all the materials you will need for your experiment. 2) Pour each liquid until 50 ml. 3) Take the coins. 4) Drop the coin I almost the same time. 5) Observe them everyday and record them on the chart. I record my. Observation by observing my experiment everyday and recording on my chart. It was fun to do my experiment but it was harder than group experiment. I think it was harder because I get to do my group experiment with my group, helping each other but, I had to do my own experiment all by my self. I made my conclusion by looking at my chart and thinking about all my materials. Like, water has 0 acids and on and on. For me, it was hard to do my conclusion because it was hard to do thinking with using my whole brain.

To set my tri-fold board, I had to do my thinking so much. I had to think if someone will be interested on my project, do I put my work in order, did I space my tri-fold board correctly, and stuffs like that. The hardest thing to do was of place all of my works. It was hard to place in correct place and to make it eye catchy.

The most bad thing about presentation was that audience didn’t come to me. The good thing was that I didn’t read off from my board. I was so nervous to present to everybody else about my project because what if somebody asked me so much questions that I couldn’t answer. The audience gave me lot of hard question which made my brain go confused.




My Group Science Experiment

Today, I am going to tell you about my group’s science experiment. Every group had to do different science experiments. Our group’s question are: Does mold grow at different rates on different foods? My prediction was that cucumber will get rotten fastest because there is less sugar and I think sugar will stop from getting rotten. Procedure: Take one of fruit. Put it inside the plastic bag. Hang it to the board. Observe it everyday.

I chose this work to blog it because my new unit is all about science and I didn’t put any blog about my science experiment.



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