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My Invention Convention

Today, I’m going to tell you about my invention convention which I did in unit 2, Invention.

Ms.Spring said we are going to make a new invention and I got surprised. I thought it would be easy but it was harder then you think especially thinking about my problem. First, we had it look for the problem that we could solve and write the problem on the graph organiser. Next, we chose one of the problem and my problem was hard to choose my books to read and write it on my top secret book. Then, I brain stormed the idea for my invention. Next, I wrote the best solution with reasons and wrote a materials that might need. Next, I wrote how my invention changed over time. Finally, our class went to cafeteria and there was lots of people! There was class to come and see our invention, there was parents too. Lots of people come and look at my invention and left a note for me. The patent was there and they gave me a certificate.


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