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My Favourite Work In Language Art

Today, I’m going to tell you about my favourite work which I did in Language Art that I worked really hard.

First one is my text feature graph. I used my eyes to look for my text features which was in our text feature lists. First, I chose a non- fiction book that I would like to read.Next , I used my eyes to look for my text features. Then, I wrote my text features and write how it helps me on my paper. If there was no more text features, I chose another books.

I like this work because I searched for my text features really hard and I was the only one who did the most in my group. I chose this work to show it to you because I wanted everyone to see how I tried to do my best.

While I worked on this assignment , I noticed that I am confidence because I did most work that had to be finished. It was hard to finish them, but I never give up and tried my best to finish it.


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