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How We Organize Our Selves

Today, I am going to tell you about our new unit How We Organize Our Selves.

Our new central idea for this unit are ” Scientists ask questions, test ideas, make observation and form conclusion s to understand how our natural world works. We started to work on how to make scientific observation. We use 5 senses to make observation. 5 senses are see, feel, smell, hear and taste. We did our science experiment using it. We had to guess what is this food is. I guessed almost everything wrong.




My Invention Convention

Today, I’m going to tell you about my invention convention which I did in unit 2, Invention.

Ms.Spring said we are going to make a new invention and I got surprised. I thought it would be easy but it was harder then you think especially thinking about my problem. First, we had it look for the problem that we could solve and write the problem on the graph organiser. Next, we chose one of the problem and my problem was hard to choose my books to read and write it on my top secret book. Then, I brain stormed the idea for my invention. Next, I wrote the best solution with reasons and wrote a materials that might need. Next, I wrote how my invention changed over time. Finally, our class went to cafeteria and there was lots of people! There was class to come and see our invention, there was parents too. Lots of people come and look at my invention and left a note for me. The patent was there and they gave me a certificate.



Pumpkin Math!

Today, I’m going to tell you about my pumpkin math project which I did in Halloween. Our math unit for this project was about measurement.

Our teacher Ms.Spring, bought us a giant pumpkins to our class. When she told us we’re going to make a jack-o-lantern, we got crazy. First, we observed how does pumpkin looked like and write it on the journal. I hold my pumpkin and it was heavy as how my little sister weight. Actual weight of my pumpkin was 9 pounds/ 4 kilograms which wasn’t my little sister’s weight but still, it was heavy. Next, we measured distance around my pumpkin. Actual distance was 56 cm/ 22 in. Then, we counted our seeds. I estimated that there will be 20 seeds in pumpkin because seeds are really small and pumpkin are big but there were actually 483 seeds inside my pumpkin. Me and my group sorted our pumpkin seeds. This is our blue print.


I like this assignment because Ms.Spring made our lesson fun not boring stuffs. It was fun when we sorted our seeds and guts because while I was sorting, I’ve noticed I was communicator. I chose this work to blog because I thought everyone likes Halloween.



My Favourite Work In Language Art

Today, I’m going to tell you about my favourite work which I did in Language Art that I worked really hard.

First one is my text feature graph. I used my eyes to look for my text features which was in our text feature lists. First, I chose a non- fiction book that I would like to read.Next , I used my eyes to look for my text features. Then, I wrote my text features and write how it helps me on my paper. If there was no more text features, I chose another books.

I like this work because I searched for my text features really hard and I was the only one who did the most in my group. I chose this work to show it to you because I wanted everyone to see how I tried to do my best.

While I worked on this assignment , I noticed that I am confidence because I did most work that had to be finished. It was hard to finish them, but I never give up and tried my best to finish it.



All About Me!

Today, I’m going to tell you about my work which is called “All About Me” .

I think I did a great job on this because this was my first work that I did in Gr 3. I wrote about my age, favourite foods stuff like that. Thank you for reading my blog!



My Favourite Work

Today, I’m going to tell you about my favourite work from unit 1 which is about How We Express Ourselves.

My favourite work is my book review. I like it because I tried my best to finish it. The book for my book review is called Anna and the Snowqueen. I’m proud of my book review because I got almost all 4 in my grade which means awesome. Thank you for watch my posts!


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