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This week we have learned all about advertising. The whole class looked at print adverts. We wrote what we see, wonder and think and some of them were funny and some were cool. I learned that adverts could be posters, … Continue reading

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U.O.I Portfolio

Our central idea in u.o.i was, The world changes due to natural processes and human innovation. My favorite thing is when we were learning how sand comes to the beach. it is my favorite thing because we had to rip … Continue reading

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People of Determination

Have you ever wondered what determination means well heres the answer, Determination means someone’s brain does not function or has no legs or anything that is missing from their body. for eg. Beethoven is deaf and he is a composer … Continue reading

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Going to motiongate

“yay” my brothers and I screamed we were going to Motion gate and we were thinking all about fun and all the rides that we were going to go on. We were waiting in the buggy spot so we could … Continue reading

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Innovation Nation

Have you ever tried to create something out of toothpick, cups , tape , plates , popsicle sticks and straws? well yesterday in u.o.i we had an adventure trying to make something innovative from those things.   First me and … Continue reading

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My Reading Reflection

Here is a link to my reflection

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Trimester 1 Math Reflection

To see my blog post click link    

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Respect is for egsample “after you” or opening the door for someone

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