Our 4SD Agreement


Good posts have:

  • Details that clearly explain something and keep on the topic (don’t repeat ourselves)
  • Recommendations, information on everday life and/or personal thoughts/reflections (what the blogger thinks)
  • Good subjects that interest other people and reflect our personality and interests
  • A good length, not too short or too long.
  • Sentences with good grammar and punctuation, and the spelling has been checked
  • Include at least 1 related image (photos, links, videos) with captions to say what they show, (citations needed).
  • Hyperlinks (might have)


A good blog has:

  • Different posts for different topics.
  • Links to blogs we follow or people who follow us
  • Somewhere for readers to comment
  • Nice colours and images that are kid friendly
  • An about the blogger page
  • A sidebar with categories etc.
  • A comments section


Bloggers are good digital citizens, we


  • Something positive about ourselves
  • No personal information eg do not give full name, address, phone number etc.

Comment by:

  • Making relevant comments about the post
  • Being respectful to others by writing politely
  • Giving stars and wishes
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