Personal Project Reflection

June 18 2018

Today I was nervous about not finishing to draw planes. But it turned out I actually drew 3 planes.  My friend Parsa  drew 3 planes to.


June 19 2018

Today I improved by making a new plane. First me and my friend Parsa made a plane it looked old and not safe. Then we created a newer one that looks like it is from the future and it was safe.

I think I was being a communicator  because I was not working on my own plane, me and my friend Parsa were both working on the same plane to finish making the plane and make another plane.


June 20 2018

Today I enjoyed drawing planes and creating planes for my project I made 2 paper airplanes and 1 cardboard air plane.

by the end of the week  I want to test out my paper airplanes and see how far they can go.  I also want to try to make our cardboard airplane fly and I want to present before it is summer and I also want to make more planes so our presentations will be longer and we will get better grades. We can improve our time managements and work faster. and I really hope I don’t be sick. I also hope we will present a good presentation.

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