Children’s Rights

This unit was about children rights. Me and my class were doing activities about children rights it was super fun. We also had a project.

We had to pick a person and research about that person, I picked Henry brown box. It was super fun because we had to pretend to be our character and talk about our self. Our parents came and 3rd graders came and 5th graders came. The hard part was when I stoped for 2 seconds because I did not memories what to say.

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I wish I could bring cloths.

I liked when people gave me so much money.

The thing I would change is to draw pictures to help me memories what i have to say.

I learned that slaves families can get separated.

The important things I learned from this unit is that not everyone has the same rights. Another thing learned from this unit is any age can become a slave not only adults. The last thing I learned from this unit is that there isn’t so little pour people there is so much pour people.

I used to think that only adults can be slaves but now I know kids can be slaves.

I also used to think everyone has the same rights but now I know that different people have different rights.

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