Reflecting on my Personal Inquiry Project

Parsa, Basim and I all decided to work on creating our own cereal box. We decided that Parsa dos our company name and I worked on the front of the cereal box and Basim wrote the text on it. Then we all worked on the back of the cereal box and it turned out great.

I worked well with my team by helping them and communicating with them and sharing what i did with them.

Me and my friends worked so hard because we thought that we weren’t going to finish but it actually turned out that we finished in the third day of working.

It turned out that we shared to the class a whole cereal box that we created by our self.

I showed my creativity by thinking of a cartoon character as our logo.

I learned that video ad can be over one minute.

when we were done the project I felt happy that only in three hours we created a cereal box. I also felt happy of how much we did in such little time but usually when people want to create a cereal box it takes them days or weeks or month. I was also feeling like we did not have to rush because we only finished it in three hours.

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