Going to motiongate

“yay” my brothers and I screamed we were going to Motion gate and we were thinking all about fun and all the rides that we were going to go on.


We were waiting in the buggy spot so we could go to motion gate it took so long for the buggy to come, Finally the buggy came and we were heading to motion gate. We finally arrived and we were going to enter, I went on a water ride where you get allot of water on us. I went on another ride called dragon glider it looks fast but it is slow.

“No” we had to leave and go to the hotel, In the hotel the hotel I wanted to sleep so then we can go back to motion gate the next day

The next day we went to motion gate I went to a rideĀ  the ride was barley fast, It was boring so we went to a ride it was like the characters in the ride were real.There is a ride that goes so high then it goes back down it is super fast.

This is all about my adventure in motion gates and my adventure to all the rides.


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