Energy reflection

On one of my U.O.I Project I had to research about Fossil Fuels.

I learned that we get oil from from dead animals and plants, I also learned that people use fossil fuels by cooking.

I learned that solar panels cost 15,000 dollars. Here is a picture of a solar panel.

Me and my friend Basim worked on a project where we research about solar energy and write it on a piece of paper but then we chose to stick it on a poster.

Here is a picture of me and Basim with our project.

In this unit we went to a field trip to Sustainable City and it was so nice that I wanted to live there. Here is a picture.

I also liked when we  went to the Sharjah Museum. 

I loved this U.O.I unit and it was super fun and interesting.

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Unit Four Math Reflection

In unit four we are learning all about decimals. decimals are a fraction.

My favorite thing was when I did the <, >, and = signs to know which one is biggest or equal with decimals. This is a picture. 

Decimals are also used for measurements and money for eg. $1.75 and 7.5 cm.

I learned that decimals are not the decimal point. This is what I thought I would get on the test and what I really got. This is a picture. 

I still want to learn how to add and subtract in decimals.

I have two quizzes for you what is a decimal.

And why is there a decimal point.

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Bill Nye the science guy

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My Best Advertising Work

U.O.I is the best subject, my favorite work was when we were making our own logo. I chose logos because if there is no logo no one will know where to get the product.

The good thing about it is I made a lot of drafts to practice for my final logo to color.

I am sharing this because I had a lot of fun doing it and I was using my imagination for this whole project.

I think I will improve it by adding more ideas for logos and put other things that my country has.

I showed my creativity by adding almost every thing my country has and by putting  the my country’s name backwards for Arabian people.

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Maths Unit 3

Unit 3 was all about prime numbers, multiples, factors, composite numbers, sums, and open number sentences.

I learned that all even number cannot be prime except 2. I also learned that all prime numbers only have two factors and all composite numbers have three or more factors.          My favorite thing we did is when we had to finish the hole chart of factors and we have to write all the factors of all the number up to 100 it had.

I think I should practice more about adding a lot of numbers together and subtracting numbers. I was surprised when I came in class after I was sick and I did not know any thing about prime or composite then I only watched one video and I knew everything about prime and composite.

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Reflecting on my Personal Inquiry Project

Parsa, Basim and I all decided to work on creating our own cereal box. We decided that Parsa dos our company name and I worked on the front of the cereal box and Basim wrote the text on it. Then we all worked on the back of the cereal box and it turned out great.

I worked well with my team by helping them and communicating with them and sharing what i did with them.

Me and my friends worked so hard because we thought that we weren’t going to finish but it actually turned out that we finished in the third day of working.

It turned out that we shared to the class a whole cereal box that we created by our self.

I showed my creativity by thinking of a cartoon character as our logo.

I learned that video ad can be over one minute.

when we were done the project I felt happy that only in three hours we created a cereal box. I also felt happy of how much we did in such little time but usually when people want to create a cereal box it takes them days or weeks or month. I was also feeling like we did not have to rush because we only finished it in three hours.

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This week we have learned all about advertising. The whole class looked at print adverts. We wrote what we see, wonder and think and some of them were funny and some were cool.

I learned that adverts could be posters, commercials or radio ads.

I was surprised when I knew that adverts and commercials were the same thing.

I want to know how did people create advertising and commercials?

I think advertising is important because so people can buy the product of the advert.

This is my favorite advert because it has a lot of details to know what it is advertising.

I was surprised almost every advert I see has a cartoon character.

I want to know why a logos/slogans are important.

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U.O.I Portfolio

Our central idea in u.o.i was, The world changes due to natural processes and human innovation.

My favorite thing is when we were learning how sand comes to the beach.

it is my favorite thing because we had to rip paper and it was fun.I also liked it because I learned how sand comes to the beach.I also liked it because I never knew that sand was rocks from a mountain.

Can a volcano pop up in your back yard:


could a mountain land forever:

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People of Determination

Have you ever wondered what determination means well heres the answer, Determination means someone’s brain does not function or has no legs or anything that is missing from their body.

for eg. Beethoven is deaf and he is a composer and Mohamad Khamis has one leg and he won a trophy in the olympic for weight lifting and Taha Hussein was blind and he is a writer.

I was surprised that Taha Hussein was blind and writes books.

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Going to motiongate

“yay” my brothers and I screamed we were going to Motion gate and we were thinking all about fun and all the rides that we were going to go on.

We were waiting in the buggy spot so we could go to motion gate it took so long for the buggy to come, Finally the buggy came and we were heading to motion gate. We finally arrived and we were going to enter, I went on a water ride where you get allot of water on us. I went on another ride called dragon glider it looks fast but it is slow.

“No” we had to leave and go to the hotel, In the hotel the hotel I wanted to sleep so then we can go back to motion gate the next day

The next day we went to motion gate I went to a ride  the ride was barley fast, It was boring so we went to a ride it was like the characters in the ride were real.There is a ride that goes so high then it goes back down it is super fast.

This is all about my adventure in motion gates and my adventure to all the rides.


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