Reminder: Week Without Walls Information Sessions Begin on Sunday!

It was great to see so many parents out at the High School Open House last night. Thanks to those of you who stopped by the Experiential Trips table and asked questions about the trips. There is a lot of excitement about the trips this year.

Below is the registration timeline which includes the scheduled information sessions with the providers for each trip. All meetings will take place in the Secondary Library.

See you all there!!

WWW Registration Timeline

Sunday, September 25
Grade 6 and 7 Parent Information Meetings
6:00-7:00pm   Grade 6 (Cyprus)*
7:00-8:00pm   Grade 7 (Sri Lanka)*
*a UAE camp option will also be discussed

Monday, September 26
Grade 9/10 Parent Information Meetings (Day 1)
6:00-6:25pm   US Space Camp
6:25-6:50pm   Germany
6:50-7:25pm   Morocco
7:25-7:45pm   RAK Camp
7:45-8:15pm   Switzerland (changed from Tuesday)

Tuesday, September 27
Grade 9/10 Parent Information Meetings (Day 2)
6:00-6:30pm   Laos
6:30-6:45pm   Job Shadow
6:45-7:00pm   Al Boom Scuba Diving
7:00-7:15pm   School of Culinary & Finishing Arts
7:15-7:30pm   Al Badia Golf Camp

Wednesday, September 28
Grade 8 Parent Information Meeting & Grade 9/10 (Day 3)
6:00-7:00pm   Grade 8 (Kenya)*
7:00-7:30pm   London (Grade 9/10)
7:30-8:00pm   Spain (Grade 9/10)

Thursday, September 29
Registration begins

Thursday, October 13

Sunday, October 16   
Confirmation of trip assignment

Thursday, December 15        
Final payment due

February 12-15, 2017
Week Without Walls

*a UAE camp option will also be discussed

Questions? Email me at


WWW Parent Information Evenings!

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Sunday, September 25
6:00-7:00pm-Grade 6 WWW Parent Information Meeting
7:00-8:00pm-Grade 7 WWW Parent Information Meeting

Wednesday, September 28
6:00-7:00pm-Grade 8 WWW Parent Information Meeting

Meetings will take place in the Secondary Library.


High School (Grades 9-10)

Monday, September 26

6:00pm-8:00pm-Grade 9/10 Week Without Walls Parent Information Meeting (Day 1)
Trips Being Presented:
6:00-6:30pm US Space Camp
6:30-7:00pm Germany
7:00pm-7:30pm Morocco
7:30-8:00pm RAK Camp-Amazing Race!

Tuesday, September 27

6:00pm-8:00pm-Grade 9/10 Week Without Walls Parent Information Meeting (Day 2)
Trips Being Presented:
6:00-6:20pm Laos
6:20-6:40pm Switzerland
6:40-7:00pm Job Shadow
7:00pm-7:20pm Al Boom Scuba Diving
7:20-7:40pm SCAFA Cooking School
7:40-8:00pm Al Badia Golf Camp

Wednesday, September 28

7:00pm-8:00pm-Grade 9/10 Week Without Walls Parent Information Meeting (Day 2)
Trips Being Presented:
7:00pm-7:30pm London
7:30-8:00pm Spain

Apologies if you will be attending multiple nights. This year, in order to make sure we had outstanding trips on offer a number of providers were asked to present. Space limit and provider availability made it necessary to have meetings on multiple nights. Thank you for your understanding!

Meetings will take place in the Secondary Library.

Week Without Walls 2016-2017

UAS is proud to offer some fantastic trips for 2016-2017 Week Without Walls!

Middle School Options

This year grade 6-8 teachers have worked hard to create trip itineraries that fit the curriculum for each grade level. Each grade will offer an international option, a UAE camp option and a local Dubai option.  The international options for each grade level are below.

Grade 6-Cyprus
Grade 7-Sri Lanka
Grade 8-Kenya

Parent information meetings are being planned for the week of September 25-29, 2016. More details will follow in the next couple of days. Please subscribe to this page to receive updates directly to your email.

Grade 9/10 Service and Leadership Trips

The tangible power of experiential education is evident on curriculum, leadership and service trips. Students have an incredible opportunity to be actively and closely involved with other countries whose residents are not as fortunate as ours along with gaining firsthand experience of content taught within the classroom.

UAS offers education outside the classroom to foster fully developed individuals – the students that have been involved in our International Curriculum, Leadership and Service Projects are proof that they work.

Leadership Opportunities

A number of our trips provide leadership opportunities for the participants. Each day the team responsibilities rotate – students each take turns at the role of assistant leader, before assuming the group leader role the following day. In addition they are required to be part of the finance team, the cooking team, the environmental team as well as being responsible for organizing group accommodation and transport. These are tasks that test even the most self-assured student.

Students who were part of our Service and Leadership trips, since 2009, have developed significantly; they are, by one parent’s admission, ‘better people’ and ‘simply more aware, in every sense of the word.’

2016-2017 Grade 9/10 International Options

US Space Camp

2016-2017 Grade 9/10 UAE/Dubai Options

RAK Camp (Modeled after The Amazing Race)
AL Boom Scuba Diving
SCAFA Cooking School
Al Badia Golf Camp

This academic year will see all of our trips most of our experiential trips into one week of the school year; February 12th – 15th. Normal classes do not operate for grades 6-12 during this time. All students are expected to participate in some capacity. Grade 12 students will be taking their Mock Exams during this week.