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Project reflection

June 20th, 20 Today, I  just started my project, I researched about chemistry, for example, experiments and scientific things like putting mint in coke it makes an explosion. I chose chemistry as my project because I love chemistry, and because I really never … Continue reading

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Children’s rights and responsibility

In U.O.I, we had to be somebody that was helping children and taking responsibility. We watched videos about kids in refugee camps and kids that were suffering in life and the rights governments gave them. When me and my classmates … Continue reading

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All About Energy

Energy This month we learned all about energy. Energy is when you move, it is when action happens. There are lots of different types of energy, for example, here are some types of energy, solar energy, potential energy, kinetic energy, chemical energy, electrical … Continue reading

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Reflection on me and my partner’s Inquiry Project

Me and my partner’s UOI was based on a magazine about advertisements. The title was called (Advertisements are Spreading all Around the world) it was named that because it was sort of problem. here is how it looked like and what we wrote we … Continue reading

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