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What I learned in class and what I liked and disliked and why. This week in class I learned about ads. I learned that An ad is a commercial or a poster or on any paper that has a logo on it that … Continue reading

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People of Determination

What does determination mean: On December 7, 2017, the sun was shining the sky was blue we were studying Moral education aware lesson was about people of determination. People of determination means people that have difficulty, problems, diseases but doesn’t mean they can’t … Continue reading

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Arguing about the Matches

Writing a Narrative Story Title: Arguing about  The Matches                                     author: Um kalthoum el Jaoussi                     type:non-fiction                                                                           Chapter 1 arguing “Hey!,” Yelled Um Kalthoum, “why are you awake it’s just 12:00 am?,” she asked Zaineb, “Well, I won’t tell you! … Continue reading

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All about an Innovator

Innovator means: be creative and use your imaginations   Do you know what Innovator means?Will I know the answer to it common folks keep reading to find out more! In 2017 November 26 in a Universal American school in class 4SD, the whole class had two … Continue reading

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Reading Unit 1 – FICTION (Character traits and theme)

Her is my link press on LINK to see my reflection about reading unit-1.

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Trimester 1 Math Reflection

Here are Pictures one is for IXL certificate. Press on IXL to do some math you can ask your parents if you don’t have an account to give you one and the second picture is about me righting a math equation … Continue reading

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How do I respect others?

  here is the picture of someone helping another person. I respect others by: being polite to people and saying nice things like:  thank you, please, sorry I don’t know where the place is .  or being polite may I help you, … Continue reading

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