Project reflection

June 20th, 20

Today, I  just started my project, I researched about chemistry, for example, experiments and scientific things like putting mint in coke it makes an explosion.

I chose chemistry as my project because I love chemistry, and because I really never have time to try it and sometimes I am not allowed, so for this project I want to do to something I always wanted to do. 

June 26th

Yesterday me and my sister made a project in front of the whole class we messed up because we didn’t really organize it that well, but today we made a project in front of the class and the elements were vinger, bacon soda, and a balloon. we did not mess up and we made a speech better than the one yesterday “we said, what basically what happened is that inside the bacon soda and vinger there were chemicals so when you combined them together it causes a chemical reaction and produces Corbin dioxide, which makes the balloon blow up.


That was my personal project and I hope the next time I make it more organized.

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