All About Energy


This month we learned all about energy. Energy is when you move, it is when action happens. There are lots of different types of energy, for example, here are some types of energy, solar energy, potential energy, kinetic energy, chemical energy, electrical energy, heat energy, fossil fuels energy, and more.

In this blog, I will be talking about three types of energy potential energy, kinetic energy, and chemical energy.

Here is a picture of Chemical Energy.

Chemical energy comes from the sun, for example, when you plant vegetables, corn, fruits, and more food  when the sun makes them grow the sun is giving them chemical energy so they are storing it, so when we eat the food energy goes in our body and that’s how we move play and do those things.




Here is a picture of Kinetic and Potential Energy.

potential energy is when you, for example, pull a ball back that is letting the ball store potential energy when you let go of it that forms the energy into kinetic energy. 



I had so much fun in this unit because we did lots of projects, quizzes, and we experience lots of different things.





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