Unit 4 decimals


Last month in math, we were learning all about decimals.

Decimals are important in life, if we didn’t have decimals we wouldn’t have money,  for example, 10 AED and 2 cents because that is what decimals are mainly about, but there are also other things we use decimals on, for instance, measuring our own things like our doors.

Decimals are a whole and a little bit for example 2.3 that is how you write a decimal.

decimals are added in a different way then what you think there added like there not added like normal addition is added or subtraction here is an example: 25 –  5.56=19.44  and  here is another one 2.56 – 2.5 = 0.06

In the first place, I thought learning about decimals would be easy it turned out that I was the wrong because there is still way more things we didn’t learn yet and we still have to improve on somethings






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