I love Portugal (opinion essa)

NAME: Um kalthoum


I love Portugal

Everyone has a favorite country, well one of my favorite countries is Portugal.

Portugal is one of my favorite countries because it is a beautiful, wonderful, and amazing country there are also many interesting things to do and many different things compared to where I live,  there are so many reasons why I love Portugal so much but I will be writing only three today.

One reason why I love Portugal because it is a beautiful country, for example,I remember when we were sleeping in the hotel my mom heard  a sound so she got up and went outside she found glass she picked it up after she cleaned it up she woke us up to go and walk with her outside because the weather was as cold as snow in the Us . A  second example why Portugal is a beautiful country is because there were big huge mountains they were so famous across them were palaces there were so many people there special because the weather was 16%c degrees there. I remember when I and my family had to wait in a long line it was so exhausted, when I am saying this I am realizing that Portugal.

Another reason why I love Portugal is that there are so many interesting things to do.  

For example, I remember when me and my family took a long time to walk and around that mountains and go inside that old palasses it was so tiring but me and my twin sister were so happy because it was our first time having a camera so we took as many pictures as we could we were like photographers we were so lucky because the view was amazing, we also went to a shop that was based on the mountains and palasses they had pencils, globes, pictures, magnets, gift cards, and more. When we were walking we stopped and picked up different types of rocks, they also had a different type of food trucks.

I especially love Portugal because there are lots of different things compared to the country I live in, Dubai, in Dubai almost every restaurant is an Arabic restaurant, and in winter the weather can be hot, and there so much technology that your siblings might be on it the whole time. But in Portugal the weather is amazing in winter, there are different types of restaurants, in the night you can walk with your family and eat ice cream instead of going on your electronics. But the similarity between both countries there both very big and beautiful countries. I remember when I and my family walked to the museum in Portugal it was amazing because I got to experience different types of history for different countries.And I remember when we also went on a field trip to the museum in Dubai it was brilliant.

I hope you liked reading my opinion about Portugal, you should go online right now book a ticket and travel to Portugal to experience the different type of histories for the different countries and to different types of things that  entertainer before going back to your country and having the same thing again and you should write on opinion for your favorite country or one of them.

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