My Best Advertising Work

I’m sharing my work on the last advert work  I did with my partner. It was my favorite add because me my partner put so much effort into it, we also took action in the house, in the begging we kept on drafting and we thought it would turn out so bad because the drafting wasn’t that good compared to the here is a picture of in the first and in the end,





 don’t you see there’s a big difference between the two, at first it was only words and a title, but after we had so many decorations we added comments on the back we compared and contrasted the pictures the ones that were poor the ones that were very good, we also added activities to entertain the people that came to us here are some pictures

So now you might be asking what are  we talking about what is your ad, were actually not make advert were making a magazine about adverts that advertisements are spreading all around the world and that is a problem because it’s just a waist and some are poor, because when people go so fast there advertisement will end up being rubbish because they sometimes forget to put no information, but the good ones that persuade people kind of take a long time to finish because they need more thinking.



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