Reflection on me and my partner’s Inquiry Project

Me and my partner’s UOI was based on a magazine about advertisements. The title was called (Advertisements are Spreading all Around the world) it was named that because it was sort of problem.

here is how it looked like and what we wrote we also made some activities to entertain people:



 As you see when you read aware magazine there was a problem that there are too many poor adverts because people don’t think they right to fast that they don’t put any information  like the location, date, or something to persuade kids and adults, and the phone number  they don’t even put their logo and when they do that there wasting paper or space for other great ads. So the solution is they can take more time on it and think more.You might be asking why we made activities we made them to see if the person that came to us liked it or no, if they were concentrating or no and so we can entertain them.

I hope you make or design your own advert and you can make anything you want and I hope you liked my post.




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