What I learned in class and what I liked and disliked and why.

This week in class I learned about ads. I learned that An ad is a commercial or a poster or on any paper that has a logo on it that persued’s people to come to the place that the commercial is based on or paper. Some might be useless and poor like the ones that have barely any information, logo, or the location.We also watched some ad’s my classmate’s shared and some my teacher shared. Some of them  I disliked because they didn’t have so much information and it was so short but some I did liked them because they persuaded parents even though it’s for children. You might be asking why because it said that  there is nutrients-star in it like this picture


         Bibliography :google

And I also liked them because at the same time kids love it and there was the sale there was enough information too.

I think you should watch some ads and share your opinion with other people.


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