All about an Innovator

Innovator means:

be creative and use your imaginations


Do you know what Innovator means?Will I know the answer to it common folks keep reading to find out more!

In 2017 November 26 in a Universal American school in class 4SD, the whole class had two options one option is to have a partner the other option is to be by your self. I had a partner, we had to have an idea to make something out of the things our teacher told us to use, here are the things we used: cups, tape, paper plates, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, plastic bags for school, and straws.

We had to be innovators had to be thinkers by thinkers I mean serious use the things wisely and not talk to concentrate.

My   partner and I  invented a photo frame made out of popsicle sticks but everyone in the class invented things made out of cups and more stuff, but my partner and I didn’t mind because even though ours was so small it doesn’t mean it’s very bad it’s not from the look it ‘s from how it works if it has those things it means it is excellent, you need to have a problem and what you invented is the solution you need those things that I just wrote a were problem is that the reaal one made out of real tools can’t be reycycled pluse you need a tool called a nail to stick it on the wall and some of them you can’t put so muchpictures in but a wers can be reycyceld it can stich on the wall plus you can pt so many pictures in it, infact my teacher said the mine and my parrtner’s was one of the most instresting one in the whole class because a were’s was so easy to make plus it was so useful it sais up why it is so useful.

know you can make one out of the things that we used you can also share it with the whole world I hope you listen to the instructions the instructions are,  be creative and use imaginations you should have a problem the thing you made is the solution I hope you liked are invention I think ours was great and I think yours will be great too.



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