Project reflection

June 20th, 20

Today, I  just started my project, I researched about chemistry, for example, experiments and scientific things like putting mint in coke it makes an explosion.

I chose chemistry as my project because I love chemistry, and because I really never have time to try it and sometimes I am not allowed, so for this project I want to do to something I always wanted to do. 

June 26th

Yesterday me and my sister made a project in front of the whole class we messed up because we didn’t really organize it that well, but today we made a project in front of the class and the elements were vinger, bacon soda, and a balloon. we did not mess up and we made a speech better than the one yesterday “we said, what basically what happened is that inside the bacon soda and vinger there were chemicals so when you combined them together it causes a chemical reaction and produces Corbin dioxide, which makes the balloon blow up.


That was my personal project and I hope the next time I make it more organized.

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Children’s rights and responsibility

In U.O.I, we had to be somebody that was helping children and taking responsibility. We watched videos about kids in refugee camps and kids that were suffering in life and the rights governments gave them. When me and my classmates were looking and those videos we disagreeing with those rights, and we wrote on papers what rights should kids, some of them were, for example, kids shouldn’t be married younger than eighteen years old.

Then we found the character we wanted to be and yesterday 3rd graders were coming to each of our wax museums and putting a coin that was fake to turn us on and talk about the person we are and what did we do to help children rights.


I wish the audience put real coins in order for us to donate it to charity. 

Click here to see my video

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All About Energy


This month we learned all about energy. Energy is when you move, it is when action happens. There are lots of different types of energy, for example, here are some types of energy, solar energy, potential energy, kinetic energy, chemical energy, electrical energy, heat energy, fossil fuels energy, and more.

In this blog, I will be talking about three types of energy potential energy, kinetic energy, and chemical energy.

Here is a picture of Chemical Energy.

Chemical energy comes from the sun, for example, when you plant vegetables, corn, fruits, and more food  when the sun makes them grow the sun is giving them chemical energy so they are storing it, so when we eat the food energy goes in our body and that’s how we move play and do those things.




Here is a picture of Kinetic and Potential Energy.

potential energy is when you, for example, pull a ball back that is letting the ball store potential energy when you let go of it that forms the energy into kinetic energy. 



I had so much fun in this unit because we did lots of projects, quizzes, and we experience lots of different things.





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Unit 4 decimals


Last month in math, we were learning all about decimals.

Decimals are important in life, if we didn’t have decimals we wouldn’t have money,  for example, 10 AED and 2 cents because that is what decimals are mainly about, but there are also other things we use decimals on, for instance, measuring our own things like our doors.

Decimals are a whole and a little bit for example 2.3 that is how you write a decimal.

decimals are added in a different way then what you think there added like there not added like normal addition is added or subtraction here is an example: 25 –  5.56=19.44  and  here is another one 2.56 – 2.5 = 0.06

In the first place, I thought learning about decimals would be easy it turned out that I was the wrong because there is still way more things we didn’t learn yet and we still have to improve on somethings






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I love Portugal (opinion essa)

NAME: Um kalthoum


I love Portugal

Everyone has a favorite country, well one of my favorite countries is Portugal.

Portugal is one of my favorite countries because it is a beautiful, wonderful, and amazing country there are also many interesting things to do and many different things compared to where I live,  there are so many reasons why I love Portugal so much but I will be writing only three today.

One reason why I love Portugal because it is a beautiful country, for example,I remember when we were sleeping in the hotel my mom heard  a sound so she got up and went outside she found glass she picked it up after she cleaned it up she woke us up to go and walk with her outside because the weather was as cold as snow in the Us . A  second example why Portugal is a beautiful country is because there were big huge mountains they were so famous across them were palaces there were so many people there special because the weather was 16%c degrees there. I remember when I and my family had to wait in a long line it was so exhausted, when I am saying this I am realizing that Portugal.

Another reason why I love Portugal is that there are so many interesting things to do.  

For example, I remember when me and my family took a long time to walk and around that mountains and go inside that old palasses it was so tiring but me and my twin sister were so happy because it was our first time having a camera so we took as many pictures as we could we were like photographers we were so lucky because the view was amazing, we also went to a shop that was based on the mountains and palasses they had pencils, globes, pictures, magnets, gift cards, and more. When we were walking we stopped and picked up different types of rocks, they also had a different type of food trucks.

I especially love Portugal because there are lots of different things compared to the country I live in, Dubai, in Dubai almost every restaurant is an Arabic restaurant, and in winter the weather can be hot, and there so much technology that your siblings might be on it the whole time. But in Portugal the weather is amazing in winter, there are different types of restaurants, in the night you can walk with your family and eat ice cream instead of going on your electronics. But the similarity between both countries there both very big and beautiful countries. I remember when I and my family walked to the museum in Portugal it was amazing because I got to experience different types of history for different countries.And I remember when we also went on a field trip to the museum in Dubai it was brilliant.

I hope you liked reading my opinion about Portugal, you should go online right now book a ticket and travel to Portugal to experience the different type of histories for the different countries and to different types of things that  entertainer before going back to your country and having the same thing again and you should write on opinion for your favorite country or one of them.

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My Best Advertising Work

I’m sharing my work on the last advert work  I did with my partner. It was my favorite add because me my partner put so much effort into it, we also took action in the house, in the begging we kept on drafting and we thought it would turn out so bad because the drafting wasn’t that good compared to the here is a picture of in the first and in the end,





 don’t you see there’s a big difference between the two, at first it was only words and a title, but after we had so many decorations we added comments on the back we compared and contrasted the pictures the ones that were poor the ones that were very good, we also added activities to entertain the people that came to us here are some pictures

So now you might be asking what are  we talking about what is your ad, were actually not make advert were making a magazine about adverts that advertisements are spreading all around the world and that is a problem because it’s just a waist and some are poor, because when people go so fast there advertisement will end up being rubbish because they sometimes forget to put no information, but the good ones that persuade people kind of take a long time to finish because they need more thinking.



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Math unit 3

My favorite unit so far and why:

My favorite unit so far was unit 3 we worked so hard and there were lots of different numbers and learning, we learned about: prime and composite numbers,+/- sums & difference, solve problems, open number sentence,  kind of decimals not really but we will start learning about it in the next unit we just had a pre-test on decimals so my teacher could see what level are we really on by which level we were I meant how much we knew and we took test’s on multiplication table and division/x.

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Reflection on me and my partner’s Inquiry Project

Me and my partner’s UOI was based on a magazine about advertisements. The title was called (Advertisements are Spreading all Around the world) it was named that because it was sort of problem.

here is how it looked like and what we wrote we also made some activities to entertain people:



 As you see when you read aware magazine there was a problem that there are too many poor adverts because people don’t think they right to fast that they don’t put any information  like the location, date, or something to persuade kids and adults, and the phone number  they don’t even put their logo and when they do that there wasting paper or space for other great ads. So the solution is they can take more time on it and think more.You might be asking why we made activities we made them to see if the person that came to us liked it or no, if they were concentrating or no and so we can entertain them.

I hope you make or design your own advert and you can make anything you want and I hope you liked my post.




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What I learned in class and what I liked and disliked and why.

This week in class I learned about ads. I learned that An ad is a commercial or a poster or on any paper that has a logo on it that persued’s people to come to the place that the commercial is based on or paper. Some might be useless and poor like the ones that have barely any information, logo, or the location.We also watched some ad’s my classmate’s shared and some my teacher shared. Some of them  I disliked because they didn’t have so much information and it was so short but some I did liked them because they persuaded parents even though it’s for children. You might be asking why because it said that  there is nutrients-star in it like this picture


         Bibliography :google

And I also liked them because at the same time kids love it and there was the sale there was enough information too.

I think you should watch some ads and share your opinion with other people.


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People of Determination

What does determination mean:

On December 7, 2017, the sun was shining the sky was blue we were studying Moral education aware lesson was about people of determination. People of determination means people that have difficulty, problems, diseases but doesn’t mean they can’t succeed in life they still have achievements and they might have challenges in life, for example, their brain doesn’t function well they can’t change that but they can still be famous and they can still succeed. My teacher split us into five groups each group has to search up of one person that is famous and is disable and also achieved achievements.

Who did I search up and what is his challenge and achievement:

I was researching about Ludwig Van Beethoven his challenge was deaf  and achievement was he is a musician isn’t  that very surprising because he is deaf and isn’t that surprising because he can’t hear music so maybe that is why he became famous look even    though you are determined or someone else like your friend encourage  them and   to tell them you might have a challenge but you can still succeed in life and achieve achievements and help him.

                                                                                      This is Ludwig

                    Van Beethoven




I hope you always encourage your friends and I what you to know even though you are disable you can still achieve achievements and succeed in life.

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