What I learned in class and what I liked and disliked and why.

This week in class I learned about ads. I learned that An ad is a commercial or a poster or on any paper that has a logo on it that persued’s people to come to the place that the commercial is based on or paper. Some might be useless and poor like the ones that have barely any information, logo, or the location.We also watched some ad’s my classmate’s shared and some my teacher shared. Some of them  I disliked because they didn’t have so much information and it was so short but some I did liked them because they persuaded parents even though it’s for children. You might be asking why because it said that  there is nutrients-star in it like this picture


         Bibliography :google

And I also liked them because at the same time kids love it and there was the sale there was enough information too.

I think you should watch some ads and share your opinion with other people.


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People of Determination

What does determination mean:

On December 7, 2017, the sun was shining the sky was blue we were studying Moral education aware lesson was about people of determination. People of determination means people that have difficulty, problems, diseases but doesn’t mean they can’t succeed in life they still have achievements and they might have challenges in life, for example, their brain doesn’t function well they can’t change that but they can still be famous and they can still succeed. My teacher split us into five groups each group has to search up of one person that is famous and is disable and also achieved achievements.

Who did I search up and what is his challenge and achievement:

I was researching about Ludwig Van Beethoven his challenge was deaf  and achievement was he is a musician isn’t  that very surprising because he is deaf and isn’t that surprising because he can’t hear music so maybe that is why he became famous look even    though you are determined or someone else like your friend encourage  them and   to tell them you might have a challenge but you can still succeed in life and achieve achievements and help him.

                                                                                      This is Ludwig

                    Van Beethoven




I hope you always encourage your friends and I what you to know even though you are disable you can still achieve achievements and succeed in life.

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Arguing about the Matches

Writing a Narrative Story Title: Arguing about  The Matches                                    

author: Um kalthoum el Jaoussi                     type:non-fiction 


                Chapter 1 arguing

“Hey!,” Yelled Um Kalthoum, “why are you awake it’s just 12:00 am?,” she asked Zaineb,

“Well, I won’t tell you! Why are you awake?,” asked Zaineb  

“I won’t tell you either!,” said Um Kalthoum turning her head the other way with her arms crossed.

Then they both yelled, “I’m going somewhere to play a match with my friends because I promised them!”

Then they started to argue.  The girls pushed their heads right in front of each other, so their noses were almost touching.  Um, Kalthoum folded her arms and Zaineb put her hands on her hips.

“well guess what do you have a problem with that?” asked Zaineb with an attitude

The girls were very mad at each other but at the same time they were sad


“No I don’t, cause I’m going too, and you know you can think before saying something because you might do something wrong or say something wrong,” said Um Kalthoum

“You’re right,” said Zaineb.


Suddenly Um Kalthoum went close to Zaineb put her hands right in front of her waving them,

“Now! Why do you have friends that I don’t have?,” suddenly said Um Kalthoum

“Ammmmmmm……… because you have friends that I don’t have,” Zaineb said swallowing on her tongue thinking  Um kalthoum would say something wrong or do something to her

“Good point”, said Um kalthoum  

“Now want to go or no”, asked Um kalthoum in a sasi way putting her hands on her hips when she was already ready

“Yah”, said Zaineb getting ready

“Fine I will wait for you downstairs”, said Um kalthoum putting her hands on the wall

5 minutes later Zaineb came downstairs and they sneaked outside so their parents don’t figure out.



“Now where is your match?”, asked Um kalthoum just as rude as a mugger.

“Am …………………………..right next to New York city’s big mall?” said Zaineb backing off cause she was scared.

“Good me too”, said Um kalthoum starting to be kind.


      Chapter 2 walking and talking

“Hey, are you mad at me?”, asked Zaineb

“Will we never had different friends I mean it’s not a big problem like it’s not a conflict it’s just a small problem, but good news we found a solution we just solved it!”, said Um kalthoum

“Hey! Do you want to be risk takers and trade places”, asked Zaineb full of excitement

“Yeah sure!”, Said Um kalthoum nervously

“Okay great”, said Zaineb

But what if we suck on the sport and they figure out which one is which said um kalthoum worried

Then suddenly  Zaineb turned her face to word Um kalthoum and stop walking and said,

“You know you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to and plus I promise they won’t figure out you just have to try your best and come down and also we look so alike not even mom and dad can figure out which is which”.


       Chapter 3 the Matches

30minutes later Um kalthoum and Zaineb arrived they started practicing until their friends came.

After their friends came they started the matches Zaineb changed places with Um Kalthoum and went to play soccer she was very nervous, and Um kalthoum went and played tennis. Fooooof! The whistle whistled and both matches stared each match had 4 tournaments Zaineb said “yah” ents but they were pretty rough. When it was halftime the girls went and drank water there were talking about how good they were but sadly they had only 5 minutes of a break so they couldn’t talk that much.


            Chapter 4  the win

The matches ended the girls went walking happily to each other then they hugged each other and said, “I won!”

Um, kalthoum asked Zaineb, “can we stop in a pretzel place on the way back home?”

“Yah sure”, answered Zaineb surprised because Um kalthoum never asked and they got the pretzel there were walking happily to the house.


        Chapter 5 the fight


When they went inside ahhhhhhhhh! Suddenly before they went into the house they heard there mom screaming  

“Where are the twins?”, the mom yelled at the dad

“I don’t know I was sleeping the whole time and you know that and you have no right to say that if you have right to say that then give me evidence”, said the dad

“You’re right they might be downstairs eating”, said the mom

“you’re right to let’s go downstairs”, said the dad   

Quigle the girls opened the door with the keys and ran into the kitchen searching for something to eat.

“Hi mom and, dad,” said the girls very happy

“Hi”, said the mom and dad

“Why are you guys awake?”, said the mom

“Oh mom because we were hungry”, said the twins

Ding ding rang the mom phone mom opened her phone and saw a picture of the girls playing

“Girls! Go to your room right this instant”, said mom

The girls were very said they walked sadly up to there room went on their beds and fell asleep.


I hope you enjoyed my story. I put my story here to show you the I learned lots of things I still have to improve more but I am happy because maybe the first time and didn’t do perfectly but next time I will everything that people tell me to improve on It doesn’t make my feelings said it is actually good me so next time I can improve I learned lots of stuff I learned that you should have spaces between a new  paragraph I also learned speech marks and speech mark sentences  I also learend how you should hook the reader in the begging but I didn’t put it I wrote a story ark I learened cilmax,conflict,solve the conflict ,rising actionand I learened more stuff I also learened everthing in the begging won’t be perfect until you keep repeting it to get to the point and maybe there is always something wrong and maybe no.



Here is a link to my story in the top is my story but if you can’t see clear just press the link to see my story and please tell me in the comments what I have to improve on .and press HERE to get to the link.


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All about an Innovator

Innovator means:

be creative and use your imaginations


Do you know what Innovator means?Will I know the answer to it common folks keep reading to find out more!

In 2017 November 26 in a Universal American school in class 4SD, the whole class had two options one option is to have a partner the other option is to be by your self. I had a partner, we had to have an idea to make something out of the things our teacher told us to use, here are the things we used: cups, tape, paper plates, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, plastic bags for school, and straws.

We had to be innovators had to be thinkers by thinkers I mean serious use the things wisely and not talk to concentrate.

My   partner and I  invented a photo frame made out of popsicle sticks but everyone in the class invented things made out of cups and more stuff, but my partner and I didn’t mind because even though ours was so small it doesn’t mean it’s very bad it’s not from the look it ‘s from how it works if it has those things it means it is excellent, you need to have a problem and what you invented is the solution you need those things that I just wrote a were problem is that the reaal one made out of real tools can’t be reycycled pluse you need a tool called a nail to stick it on the wall and some of them you can’t put so muchpictures in but a wers can be reycyceld it can stich on the wall plus you can pt so many pictures in it, infact my teacher said the mine and my parrtner’s was one of the most instresting one in the whole class because a were’s was so easy to make plus it was so useful it sais up why it is so useful.

know you can make one out of the things that we used you can also share it with the whole world I hope you listen to the instructions the instructions are,  be creative and use imaginations you should have a problem the thing you made is the solution I hope you liked are invention I think ours was great and I think yours will be great too.



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Reading Unit 1 – FICTION (Character traits and theme)

Her is my link press on LINK to see my reflection about reading unit-1.

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Trimester 1 Math Reflection

Here are Pictures one is for IXL certificate. Press on IXL to do some math you can ask your parents if you don’t have an account to give you one and the second picture is about me righting a math equation that I made ad I solved it was about rays, line segments, arrow lines.


3 things I have learned in math this trimester are:

  • Rays:
  • Rays are lines one side has a point the other side has an arrow.
  • Expanded form:
  • Expanded form is when you have a  number and each digit you do a place value for it for example:



  • Quadrilateral:
  • Quadrilateral has four4 sides only in fact another name for it is called quadrangle.


2 feelings I have about math are: I feel principled and reflective


1 piece of work that I think shows something I worked hard at is: millions -thousands

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How do I respect others?


here is the picture of someone helping another person.

I respect others by:

being polite to people and saying nice things like:  thank you, please, sorry I don’t know where the place is .  or being polite may I help you, being thankful, respectful, and responsible. If I respect others this they treat me the same way too but I disrespect others they will disrespect me to and doesn’t mean if it’s another person then you don’t respect her\him you should respect everyone even though he is smaller or bigger.Here is a picture up.

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