2019-2020 Middle School Teaching Staff

Many families have been wondering: What will next year be like? Who will be teaching at UAS Middle School?  Will all of the core classes be taught by teachers that are highly qualified in that area, like Social Studies?     

We promised to announce all our teachers, with the exception of Arabic and Islamic, this week.   The Arabic and Islamic placements are still being determined and will be distributed as soon as possible.

Yes, all of our core classes are taught by licensed teachers in the content area they instruct.  Below are the teachers for next year, as we continue to build a better school and community.

Please review the May 20th blog for more information on the 2019-2020 School year.


Grade & Subject Teacher
6th Math/Science Samarah Qadir
6th English/Social Studies Emma Gordon
7th & 8th Grade Math Steve Quinn
7th & 8th Grade English Zach Holz
7th & 8th Grade Social Studies Anoushae Beram
7th & 8th Grade Science Laurie Langille
Spanish Hannah Donald
French Souha Moubarak
Visual Arts Khalida Bibi
Drama Cris Mejia
Music Ron Malanga
PE Josh Kachmarik

Mindy Halpern

Student Support Services Jeff Kraus

Heather Muske (new staff)

Nick Boucher

Junnel Ramos

Counselor Mark Gaffney
Arabic & Islamic Placement is still being decided throughout the school



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