Greetings UAS Middle School Families,

I am continuously overwhelmed by the support from the UAS community.  As part of our MAP Testing celebration, we wanted to give students some free freshly popped popcorn as a reward, and members of the PTSO granted our wish by providing a popcorn machine.  See video below from our Middle School students thanking the members of the PTSO. Again, thank you PTSO for your generous support!

As we move through the year and remain focused on improving communication among parents, administration, students and teachers we are providing and creating more tools to connect. To better facilitate when tests will be pending, our teachers have created an Assessment Calendar.  Communication with you the academic progress of your students is essential.  In their bi-weekly meetings, teachers will discuss when assessments are coming, ensuring each student has no more than two assessment test per day.  You can access the calendar on the Middle School Blog here. Thank you to the parents who communicated with me during MAP Testing to express concerns, share ideas and ask questions.  The communication helps when we – the administration and teachers – take action to improve the experience for parents as students at UAS.

Yet another step toward expanding communication on student performance and strategy for focusing on improved academic performance, is the transition to a Quarter Grading System for the Middle and High Schools.  The Quarter Grading System will provide parents and students with more feedback on academic progress.  Quarter 1 will end on November 1st.  Grades for the first quarter will be made available to parents on November 7th.


This week’s Teacher Spotlight shines on Ms. Marin Thuen, our new Middle School Counselor, coming to us from the United States.  Marin is collaborating with fellow counselor Mr. Mark Gaffney to further develop our comprehensive Counseling Program.  This year, as part of the expanded Student Advisory Initiative, Marin is leading the development of Student Council and Student Voice Projects, and creating small groups driven on student needs, such as the new Mentorship Group. 

A school Student Advisory Initiative is essential to a strong middle school.  According to the article Creating a Culture of Connectedness through Middle School Advisory Program, an advisory initiative facilitates the development of meaningful relationships among students and with teachers “provid[ing] the structure that creates ‘connectedness’ in a middle school.

Connectedness is important to school culture. Meaningful relationships between students and adults within the school, increase student engagement in the school activities and academics improve a sense of belonging to the school. As article states “School connectedness is linked to higher grades [and] higher test scores.”  To improve our Advisory Initiative, Marin has assisted in implementing the Second Step Advisory Project, focusing on mindsets and goals, values and friendships, emotions and decisions, as well as serious peer conflicts. For more information on the advisory initiative within out Counseling Program you can access the above article by clicking here. For more information on the Second Step Advisory Project,  click here.

Please let us know if you have any questions advisory or the Middle School Counseling Program.

Warm Regards,

Amanda Soliván


Upcoming Events  

  • Sunday, October 14- MS Yearbook photo day
  • Thursday, October 4- Sunday, November 4th– UAS Book Drive for Children’s Books Grades 1-4 (flyer below)
  • Thursday, November 8th, End of Quarter 1 (note this date was moved on October 16th)
  • Wednesday, November 13th Quarter 1 grades are available to families. note this date was moved on October 16th)

NOTE: Important dates are noted on the online school calendar, available online here - 2018-2019 school calendar.


UAS Book Drive

Update on UAS Middle School Athletics from Athletic Director Mr. Calandra:
“Really nice job by our Middle School swim team by placing 3rd overall at the Nancy Crosser Memorial Invitational Tournament this past Saturday, Oct. 6th.  This Saturday our middle school swim team will be heading down to ACS in Abu Dhabi for the EAC championships for their last competition of the year.  Good luck to all of our swimmers!

This Thursday, UAS will be hosting a Middle School pep rally game for both the boys and girl’s teams starting at 2pm.  This will give the entire middle school staff and student body a chance to come and support the teams.  UAS will be taking on ACS in this match for their last conference game of the season.

Next Saturday, Oct. 20th the Middle School EAC Championships for volleyball will be hosted at GAA in Abu Dhabi.  So far, our boys have qualified for the tournament and depending on how the game goes on Thursday, we will find out if the girls qualify as well.

Our grade 6 Junior Scorpions soccer team will be competing in their first jamboree of the season on Wednesday, Oct. 17th.  The jamboree will be hosted here at UAS from 4:00pm – 6:00pm.  ASD and DAA will be the other schools participating.  Please come down and show your support!

Student Absence Form

When students have a planned absence, we request they go to Miss Hana and get a student absence form.  This form helps to facilitate communication between the teacher, students, and parents.  Students will take the form to their teachers to get information about the work they will be missing, and what to make up, along with the deadlines for late work.  Please call Miss Hana for questions on the Student Absence Form.


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