How Can I Properly Express My Gratitude?

Hello parents, and greetings one final time from the friendly confines of the UAS MS!

As this school year rapidly moves towards its final day on June 28, I pause to give thanks, and to reflect upon the many blessings for which I will be forever grateful.  My four-year journey as a principal at the Universal American School has been full of thrilling adventures, exciting challenges, and just enough middle school drama to make my own personal news reel memorable.

As I reflect upon my 3-year stint as the MS Principal, I am filled with sentiments of appreciation, gratitude, and admiration.

I am overflowing with admiration for the teaching staff, with whom I was fortunate to work this past three years.  Together we have created a middle years’ program of which we are all very proud.  After 3 years of existence, our growth and improvements have been extraordinary, and our school climate positive and nurturing in nature.  I believe the overall value of our program should be measured by the quality of teaching and the depth of the learning that took place within our classrooms, the relationships built between the MS staff and our awesome students, and by the level of excitement and happiness that can be felt when traveling through our hallway.

Speaking of our awesome students, I have been rewarded every day for the past 36 months with the enthusiasm of our pre-teens who have populated our classrooms. Their energy has been an inspiration and motivation every day since I first walked into the building. Make no mistake about it, middle school kids are unique, but I truly believe each one of them has something valuable to offer. The MS students have impressively made many positive contributions for the greater good of our school, and I have confidence they will continue to contribute to UAS – in their own distinct fashion – for years to come.

I am grateful to have been supported by caring parents, who day in and day out have demonstrated concern for their children. We have come such a long way since the first parent meeting in September 2016, when we were still building our MS “plane” as we were flying it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me as your MS Principal, and for providing me the golden opportunity to work with you to do what was best for your children.  My life is richly blessed for having known you and your middle schooler.

This community has been my family on this side of the planet since August 2015. Just as I have been left with many memories of activities, conversations, positive relationships and exchanges with people throughout my tenure, I hope that I have – in some small fashion – left a positive mark or impression.  At the end of this year, I will walk out the door with my head held high, proud of the many accomplishments we as a community have made, grateful for the people who have touched my life, and thankful for the many experiences I have been fortunate to share.  My 36-year educational journey will begin anew in August, but a piece of my heart will remain here within the hallowed halls of the UAS Middle School.

Thank you again for your support, and until our paths cross again in person, may peace be upon you and your family,