Happy New Year!!!

Hello parents and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family! WOOHOO!!!  I am happy to admit that I had a fabulous summer in America with family and friends, but I am now enthusiatically back at the helm for another exciting adventure at my favorite school on the planet – your UAS Middle School!

As the first day of the 2017-2018 school year approaches at lighting speed, I wanted to take this opportunity to offer some pre-first day advice and highlight several upcoming dates for your personal and family calendars.

First of all, here are some tips to help you and your Middle Schooler prepare for this New Year.

  1. If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to collect school supplies as soon as possible. Your student will feel much more secure if they have all of the items they need for their classes.  Of course the back to school supplies should include a MacBook and the proper school uniform.  You can find the supplies lists by clicking one of the following links:
  1. Listed below are some important beginning of the school year dates. In particular, I want to draw your attention to the date for the MS Back to School Night (BTSN).  Though your child may express to you that “it’s no big deal” if you participate, I’m telling you: IT IS A BIG DEAL if you attend!  Your attendance sends a clear message to your child that you think their education and their school is important.  In addition, you have a golden opportunity to meet the teachers who will mold and shape your pre-teen in the coming year.  By attending, you are also sending a positive message to the MS staff that you value what the MS has to offer your child. Think of your attendance as the beginning of a meaningful partnership.
  2. Once your student has received their 10-day class schedule, I suggest you take a picture of the timetable with your phone. Because we operate on a 10-day sequence, the classes your child attends will cycle differently every school day. During the first days of school, the staff will encourage the students to take a picture of the schedule, and post a hard copy in their lockers.  If you also have a copy of their daily timetable, you are sending a positive message to your child that their daily routine is important to you, and it helps you discuss their daily routine with them when the school day has finished.
  3. While I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the other side of the planet during the month of July, I am grateful to be back to work, re-establishing routines and daily habits. Keep in mind, that while routines are definitely important for you and I as adults, routines are even more important for our students.  As the first day of school approaches, I encourage you to help your child begin adjusting to the daily life of school, by tweaking bed time hours, and considering a healthier food regimen. More sleep, and healthier food choices can help your child be better prepared for the rigors of MS that lie ahead.

Important Calendar Items

  • Sunday, September 10 @ 10 AM – New student orientation – MS/HS Library
  • Monday, September 11 – first day of school – WOOHOO!!!!
  • Sunday, September 17 – MS Week Without Walls parent information session: 5:30 PM
  • Monday, September 18: MS/HS Instrument Zoo: 6 PM
  • Thursday, September 21: MS Counselors Coffee: 8 AM
  • September 25 – MS Back to School Night (BTSN)

I do hope this message finds you and your family happy and healthy.  May you enjoy the last days of summer with your kids and relish the opportunities you have to spend quality time with them.  Your children will grown up very fast, and every moment spent with them is precious.  Until our paths cross in person, please take good care and may peace be upon you.