End of Year Reports on the Portal

Dear Middle School Parents!

Happy day to you and greetings from the AMAZING confines of your UAS Middle School!

I wanted to share that the end of year report cards are now available via the Parent Portal. Please note the following points regarding this end of the year reporting:

1. If your student has not completed all of their school work or assessments, you will find a mark of “INC” or incomplete on the report card. You would need to interact with the teacher directly to determine the root cause and/or details of this situation. Remember that we utilize a 1 to 7 grading scale. The scale does not include a “0” as a mark for work not yet completed. Thus, incomplete work will result in an “INC” mark posted on the report card.

2. If you are unable to open the Portal, your child’s account may be blocked. The block could be due to a non-returned library book, a damaged textbook, or an unpaid fee. Please contact the accounts department directly and inquire as to the reason for the block.

Student supplies lists for the 2017-2018 school year will be available in the coming week on the MS BLOG. In addition, hard copies can be obtained by contacting Ms. Hana in the MS office.

Here’s hoping that you and your family have a fabulous summer holiday. May your adventures be many, your travels be safe, and until our paths cross again, please take good care and may peace be upon you.

The Sun is Setting on the 2016-2017 School Year!

Greetings parents from the exhilarating world of your UAS Middle School!!! WOOHOO!!!

As the 2nd year of the MS comes to an end, I want to pause and give thanks, and I want to share some highlights of the work being done to make ready for the 2017-2018 school year.  This truly has been an extraordinary school year, and I can’t thank you enough for the support you have provided our leadership team, our awesome staff and your amazing children.  Together we have formed an amazing learning community of which we can be very proud.

While we give thanks for what we have accomplished during this school year, please allow me to also reflect upon some of the exciting changes that are coming to our remarkable school.

  • Week Without Walls (WWW). The WWW program at UAS is under new leadership in the form of Dylan Carter and Kurtis Trottier, with strong support from Sarah Ghanem. This team has done a masterful job of preparing an extraordinary list of viable options – both in country and out of country – for our young people.  Moving forward from the incredible success we enjoyed from our out of country options last year, each grade level cohort will once again have an exciting curriculum based option in 2018.  The grade 8 students will once again trek to Kenya and continue their support of disadvantaged school children in need of lights.  Our grade 7 students will shift their focus to Nepal next year, with a new trip offering that promises to be extraordinary, while the grade 6 students have found excellent curriculum connections and will be making their way to Sri Lanka.  Please stay tuned for complete details!
  • Student Led Conferences. A Middle School task force was created in order to continue a tradition already established in the UAS Elementary School.  This task force was charged with creating the system by which we could host parent conferences managed by students next year.  Our students will be trained in a method of assessing and describing their own learning and progress, and will be prepared to host our first ever student led conferences in April 2018.
  • Refining our assessment practices. The UAS Middle School has leaders who are in charge of vertical teams of curriculum area teachers.  Thus, we have curriculum leaders in charge of math, English, science and social studies that span our three grade levels (6, 7 & 8).  These leaders have been meeting with Lisa Gibson, our school wide curriculum leader to more clearly define our assessment policies and practices.  We are working hard to build consistency across the grade levels and between each of the curriculum areas.  We also want to enable students to be better informed about their own learning and what they can do to continue improving their own growth. More details will follow in September.
  • On-line gradebook. One of the founding goals of the UAS Middle School was to have a grade book program that would provide students and parents online access to current and ongoing assessment details – for both summative and formative assessments – as well as grades.  That day is about to dawn!  We will be piloting an online gradebook for student and parent access in the fall of 2017.  The exact details are still a work in progress, but rest assured, once school has resumed, we will make this information available as soon as possible.  WOOHOO!!!

Students received their final check-out forms on Sunday, June 11.  We expect students to complete this simple check-out procedure and return the slips to their homeroom teacher by Wednesday, June 14.  Any student with an outstanding debt, a library book or missing musical instrument, etc., will have their report card blocked until the situation is resolved.  Kindly help your student by making sure they take care of these details before June 20.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Please note we will be operating with a shortened and revised schedule on Tuesday, June 20. The adjusted timetable for the Middle School on the last day of school will be as follows:


Start Time

Ending Time


Period 1




Period 2




Period 3




Period 4




Period 5




Grade 6 & 7 COA




Grade 8 Activity







Assessments and Classwork/Homework (published previously)

The last day of the school year for our students is June 20, and all students across the school will be dismissed @ 12:00.  Between now and June 20, there is still curriculum to cover, and learning to measure.  While the shorter school days may bring about a reduction in the amount of homework – at the discretion of the teacher – there will still be assignments given, and assessments assigned in the coming week. I have asked the MS teachers to advertise assessments dates in advance, so that students (and parents) can plan accordingly.

Students Who Travel (published previously)

Finally, if parents are planning to have their student leave school prior to the end of the year, please communicate with Ms. Lisa Scott in attendance, Ms. Hana in the MS office, and with individual teachers.  If students are absent, it is still their responsibility to complete school work and finish all assessments as assigned.  The best plan is to have your student be aware of all subject area assessment dates in order to avoid a mark of Incomplete “INC” on the quarter 4 and/or end of year report card. Communication is the key!


Important Dates and Activities:

June 14:         Grade 8 COA @ 12:30 in the MPH

June 19:         Middle School report cards posted on the Parent Portal

June 20:         Grade 6 & 7 COA @ 11:00 in the MPH

June 20:         Last day of school – early dismissal @ 12:00

I do hope this information is helpful for you and your Middle School student.  If you have any question or concern about any of these details, please do not hesitate to write or call at your convenience.  Until our paths cross again, may your travels me safe, and your adventures be many.  Please take good care and may peace be upon you.