Middle School Supply List 2016-17

Grade 6 Supply List:
(Social Studies, Science, Math and English)
Pencils – 4 boxes
Pens –blue, black, red – 1 box each
Whiteboard markers – 1 box
Erasers – 3
Geometry Set
Pencil case
Highlighters – 3 colors
Colored pencils – 1 box
Pencil Sharpener
Multi-colored large post-it notes – 2 packs each
Glue sticks – 2
Reusable Water Bottle
4 pocket folders
Back pack – without wheels (all materials need to be stored in lockers- no backpacks allowed inside the classroom)

Grade 7 Supply List:
(Social Studies, Science, Math and English)
Colored pencils/markers
Glue (stick glue)
Pencil sharpener
Pens (one blue and one red)
USB stick
A file folder or large binder with dividers to organize papers
Water bottle (Reusable)

Grade 8 Supply List:
(Social Studies, Science, Math and English)
There are no specific supplies required for grade 8 students. 

Grade 8 Toothpick Bridge Challenge

The grade 8 advanced mathematics group has been working on designing, financing, stress testing, and building toothpick bridges during the past 3 weeks. They had specific building codes to follow and specific jobs within their bridge building company to fulfill. They worked hard in their groups to meet the code expectations to the best of their ability. Two days before the bridge was to be completed, “disaster struck.” Due to climate change, the river rose to a depth where ships could not longer pass beneath their structures. The companies had to rethink design plans, reassess their finances, and in some cases dismantle parts of their bridge to rebuild so they could meet the new building constraints due to the rising river. All of the bridges took on unique designs, and some companies had to merge in order to meet the financial requirements.

Today was the strength test for the bridges. Bridges were weighted down with thousands of grams until they could no longer stand. It was great fun to watch the bridges take on extreme amounts of weight until they finally snapped. Afterwards, there were a multitude of discussions – I would do this differently next time, or if this toothpick was angled differently. It was a great way to end this real life project in mathematics.

Please enjoy some of the testing below:

Grade 7 Drama “Takes the Stage”

On Sunday, June 19, 7th grade Drama students performed a number of short skits to a crowd of parents, students and teachers. The skits were both serious and humorous and the audience reacted accordingly. It was a great opportunity for the 7th graders to perform in front of their peers. Please enjoy the slide show of photos below. If you are interested in watching some or all of the performances please click here.

UAS MS Student Engineers

Welcome to UAS Middle School Pride…where excellence and enthusiasm collide!

As the 2015-2016 school year winds down to the finish line, there are still many exciting projects happening within the Middle School. And with each exciting project there comes a lot of positive energy from our students, and some incredible opportunities to learn in a fun fashion. Thus is the case this week in our science classrooms.

The UAS middle school science teachers challenged our 6th, 7th and 8th grade student “engineers” to a friendly competition/contest. The goal? Design and build the greatest possible hot air balloon model. WOOHOO!!!
The greatest model will be determined by measuring hang time.   The principles of hot air rising, density and buoyancy will be channeled to create a tissue paper hot air balloon. By trapping hot air in a balloon, students will utilize these principles and create a craft that can rise and hang in the air. Launches occur daily with the last launch on June 20. 

As you can see from the pictures, science can be so fascinating, and fun too! It is obvious to this observer, that our student engineers were creative and enjoyed this learning adventure very much!

That’s the news from your neighbors in the middle. Thanks for reading, and remember…Middle School Matters!!

Please enjoy some of the construction photos and beginning flight tests in the short videos below:

Ramadan Timings for Buses

Ramadan School timing 8:00am to 1:00pm

Student Bus Schedule as follows:
Morning Pickup
No change (we will monitor to see how traffic is and may adjust)

Afternoon Drop Off
1:15pm buses depart UAS

Kindly advise your child to be in the bus no later than 1:10pm. Once the first bus is in motion, students may not be allowed to board any of the remaining buses.

Grade 8 Drama Skits

On Tuesday, May 31, a wonderful group of Grade 8 students performed various skits. The thespians did a fabulous job entertaining their audience with some great messages about friendship and teenage views on daily life. While some of the skits were serious, there were many opportunities to giggle as well. Please enjoy the slide show of photos. If you are interested in watching some or all of the performances please click here.