8th Grade A1 Math Building Bridges

Bridge building, business, physics, and math…These four subjects are colliding in one of the 8th grade math classes. Students have created companies, been given a budget, are designing bridges and performing stress tests on the bridge building materials. Today was filled with a wide variety of tests and discussions concerning the location of the weakest point of a bridge and how to best design the pylons and decks for their bridges. Let the building begin… more photos to come.

Out of this World Presentations – Grade 7

The Middle/High School Library was filled with excited 7th Grade Astrophysicists sharing A LOT of information about their exoplanets. Astrophysicists were challenged with questions to explain a multitude of aspects of their particular planet. The library was transformed into a planetarium of planet models and surrounding areas. Students and visitors alike had an enjoyable time.

Please enjoy photos of the wonderful conversations which took place.

More “Out of this World” Sharing in Grade 7

This morning the grade 7 science classroom was filled with excited grade 1 students coming to learn more about exoplanets.

Parents are cordially invited to visit the presentations at the times listed below. Looking forward to see you there.

May 25
10:45-11:40  Science 3
2:05-3:10  Science  4

May 26
7:50-8:50  Science 1
10:45-11:40 Science 2

Please come to the library for an OUT OF THIS WORLD experience. Please enjoy more photos below.

7th Grade Astrophysicists

Dear Space Lovers,

7th grader astrophysicists are designing and building Exoplanets and we want to share them with you.

This is our task:

We are now working for NASA as astronauts in 5000. Technology has improved quite a bit since the year 2016. We now have the ability to create planets and inhabitants anywhere in the universe. Our task is to create an exoplanet and inhabitants. The most important aspect of this project is what makes a world habitable.

These are our standards:
• Develop and use a model of the Earth-sun-moon system to describe the cyclic patterns of lunar phases, eclipses of the sun and moon, and seasons.

• Develop and use a model to describe the role of gravity in the motions within galaxies and the solar system.

Please come to the library for an OUT OF THIS WORLD experience.

May 25
10:45-11:40  Science 3
2:05-3:10  Science  4

May 26
7:50-8:50  Science 1
10:45-11:40 Science 2

Please enjoy some of the practice preparations with UAS students.

Cool Learning in Grade 6 Social Studies!

In Grade 6 Social Studies, students are exploring the final theme of geography – Human Environment Interaction (HEI). Human Environment Interaction looks at the relationships between people and their environment. These relationships have both positive and negative outcomes. Student began by studying the affect of pollution on the environment, focusing on a case study about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and how this is dramatically impacting various species of plants and animals. We then delved into sources of renewable energy. Students explored Masdar City, located in Abu Dhabi, which is sustained completely by renewable energy sources, mainly solar. For more information about this “green city,” located in the desert please visit the website listed below.


Students are currently investigating the issues of Global Warming and Climate Change. Students are analyzing the Greenhouse Effect and determining how the burning of fossil fuels is greatly impacting the planet. Students are examining the various effects of global warming and climate change, such as an increase in droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, heat waves, infectious diseases, asthma, melting of glaciers and rising sea levels. Students engaged in case studies specific to the rising sea levels on the island of Kiribati and the glacial melt in Peru. Our goal is to become eco-friendly global citizens.

Please enjoy some of the photos.

Apps and Your Teenager

Have you wondered about all those apps on your kids’ phone? What are they? Why are my kids so interested in them and spend so much time using the apps? Most importantly, HOW do they work?

Our students live in a world that is full of apps. There are many great things that apps can do for organization, communication, and socialization. At the same, time there are many apps that are created to misdirect and can be used create uncomfortable even upsetting situations. It is challenging for parents to “keep up” with the world of apps.

While the world of apps is constantly changing, there are many similarities between the apps and how they function. On Tuesday evening May 17, from 5:30 to 6:30 we would like to invite interested parents to come and learn about some of the most popular apps your kids are using today. Please come to room 2200.

Please note we will also be offering a morning option once IB exams are completed. We will advertise the time and place once we know when and where space is available. For those unable to attend either, we will make the information available on our blog.

Looking forward to seeing you.

8th Grade Students – Please turn in course selection forms.

Attention ALL 8th Grade Students and Parents: Please remember course selection forms for grade 9 classes are due on Wednesday, May 4th. Please make sure you have all the signatures and return the form to Mr. Cunningham, remember that you are placed into classes on a first come first served basis, get your forms in! Thank you Ms. Haines and Mr. Gaffney