The Director’s Forum Presentation

Mr. Andrew Torris hosted the Spring Director’s Forum in the Secondary Library today for the parents of UAS. Mr. Torris shared important information about the direction of the school, the Leadership of the school and the re-organization of the secondary school into two distinct divisions. Mr. Patrick Hould followed Mr. Torris’ discussion with important information about the induction of the new middle school division at UAS next school year.

While the slides do not completely share the full amount of information conveyed to parents during the 90 minute presentation, nor the fruitfulness of the question and answer time afterwards, they will give you an idea of what was discussed at the Forum.

This is a condensed version of the presentation that contains only the schoolwide and middle school Powerpoints. We know that our Elementary community is most interested in the schoolwide direction as well as the new middle school program in which our elementary students will eventually be moving into over the next few years.

As always, we invite you to come to school to be part of the conversations about OUR community!